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Cartwoman's 2010 Start

Hiya all :),

I'm Sil, 29 years old and a Dutchie living in the UK. I always used to be a bit heavier, but when I was 21 I finally lost 25 kg's and I was really happy with myself. However, two years later I started teaching and I got into the bad habbit of eating my troubles away. I gained around 35/40 kg's again and it never wanted to come off of my body since. Hopefully, doing the CD will help me become the happy person I once was.

Today I am going to see my CDC for the first time and I'm already dreading the weighing and measuring part. I am also going into town, go to Primark, and instead of getting a size 18/20 pair of jeans, I'll buy a size 10 or 12 and hang it on my wardrobe to remind me what I want to fit into.
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Day 0,5

I met my CDC today and she's really nice. Her story and enthousiasm made me extra motivated. She explained how the diet works and then we started to select the suplements. I went for sweet this time and I also took some porridge for in the evening.
I might try some soup the next time. I really liked it that my CDC told me that I could always call or e-mail her and if I didn't like the flavours I have, she would come around and swap them for me. I thought that was really nice.

Tomorrow it's an early start for me. Working at 6.30 until 14.30 and I think I'll start with the chocolate shake for breakfast, drink lots of coffee, tea and water until I get home. Not sure what to take then since there are so many flavours to choose from and I'm wondering which ones will taste nice with warm water.
Day 1

I started the day with a warm chocolate shake. I think I might have used a bit too much water, because the taste was rather bland to me. At work I had periods that I really craved some food. I think around 11.00 was the hardest for me. I tried to drink coffee and water to fill me up, but I was also running to the toilet a lot. I've never gone so many times in my life :s
In the afternoon I took my lactose free cappuchino shake and it tasted really nice, except that without the blender, it seemed to stay thick for a long time. I guess I need to buy a shaker that can also contain hot water.
When I got home in the afternoon however the hunger was comming back hard. I wanted food all the time and tried to be a good girl by taking lots of mint tea. I've never had mint tea, but it tastes really nice.
I also drank 4 litres of water, which was a bit of a struggle now and again.
For diner I had the vanilla shake and I really love it :)
All in all a good first start. Tomorrow will be the hard day when I'm visiting my inlaws and everyone will ead roast and I'll have my shakes. But I was the one wanting to be thin. I'll make it.
Day 2

It surprised me that I wasn't that interested in the food like I thought I would be. My biggest issue was dissappointing my family that I wasn't going to eat with them. The only time I really get hungry is in the evening, around 8. I drink lots of water and peppermint tea to try to fill me up. I found that playing my games on the pc really helps a lot with forgetting the time and then just go to bed.
I tried the porridge but I'm not liking it. I have one more package so I'll finish that one, but I won't order it again. I'll probably swap that for soup when I can order my new packages.
Day 6

The last days were quite horrible. I was hungry a lot of the times and making shakes at work really sucks. So I decided to order tetra's next time, that will be so much easier to take with me in the evening. I guess there were just a lot of things happening this week; it was TOTM and I got a flu right now. I really feel like crap and sometimes I get the weirdest cravings for food. I haven't cheated though and I am proud of it. Let's hope it's worth it tomorrow when I have my first WI.
Day 7

Had my WI this morning and I lost 9 lb! I'm so happy with this and I'm also having TOTM so I was actually a bit scared that I wouldn't have lost anything. Thinking I lost this amount and it's not even a full week of being on SS is making me really happy and positive about the future. I also got a new stack of supplies for this week and I'm curious about the soup. Whatever happens, today is a good day for me.
Thank you emmadilemma. I'm sure you'll do fab!!


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya Cartwoman and welcome to the CD journey..

Are you using this thread as your diary, if so I will make sure that I visit you every day... for motivation....

I am on one of my numerous restarts but have got further this time than ever before - I am on day 10 today and been 100% since the start..

I've got my first WI on Monday, decided to weigh in every 2 weeks so that my losses are better, and I don't have to keep going back to see my CDC..

Look forward to hearing all about you

Hi there Madferret (I love your name :D), yes I will use this thread as my personal weightloss diary :). I wish I was already on day 10. It just seems to take ages at time. I know I need to actually get my thoughts of the whole weightloss-thing and just start doing some usefull things and just let it happen with my shakes and soups ^^. I'm thinking of meeting my cdc every 2 weeks now instead of 1 week all the time, but I might start doing that after 2 months of cd. Just so I feel more confident in doing it with less help from her. Even if that sounds a bit silly.
Good luck on your WI!! Do you have a thread/diary that I could read and give you support?
No probs ^^
Hi there,
I'm alright. A bit tired but it seems I only get hungry in the evening (that's when I start to drink coffee and water a lot to fight it). I wish we had a dog so we could walk a bit. I don't like walking without a dog though ^^ Hope you have a good day.
Well after a full week I lost 11lb. Very pleased with myself, but I also asked my husband to hide the scale. I'm starting to obsess with my weight and I'm almost standing on it every day. He can only put them back on Friday morning, before my cdc comes. I know, she will be weighing me too, but I'd also like to see it on my scales ^^

I think I'm in ketosis now.. I'm not really hungry. Yesterday I didn't really want my 3rd shake but did it any way because of the nutrition. Drinking the water has become easier and I'm not really missing food. I can easily cook something for my husband without even wanting to eat it. I was even surprised when I got some of the sauce on my fingers I whiped it off instead of sticking it in my mouth.
The only problem I have so far is the socialising bit that comes with food. My friends want to go out for a film and pizza. I know I can't go with them for pizza, but they are fine with that. They aren't harrassing me about it and support what I'm doing. I can still go to a film with them, but it does make me a little sad that we can't go with them for pizza afterwards. I do love my husband because he said that we would just go home after the film then, even if I know how much he would love to spend time with his friends and eat some pizza.


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya hunni - well done on the 11lbs - snap !!
I have decided that I will switch back to Slimming World now that CD has given me the boost that I needed to get started but I will still check in with you every day and see how you are doing

Really well done mate

hi cartwoman, what day are you on now?x
Hi emmadilemma,
I'm on day 11 today and it's really starting to get easy. I get hungerpangs now and again yesterday, but I just drink water and try not to think about it. It fades quickly. My husband was so surprised that I wasn't even hungry when I came home last night after work. :D

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