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  1. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Hi Guys,

    I thought I start my own weightloss diary! lil bit info about me, recently had my third daughter who is 8 wks old I had a healthy pregnancy only gained 6lbs so im a stone lighter than pre preg but I want to lose another 2 stone to get me back in the 11's like I use to be.

    I started calorie counting in last few mths of pg and it really did help keep my weight gain low so going to continue wiv calorie counting as its so family friendly :) im aiming to have 1700 calories a day and a treat night at the wkend as you need something to look forward too! Any advice or tips would be really welcome xx

    Here are my stats
    Pre preg weight:208
    Pregnancy weight: 214
    Start weight:196
    Current weight: 155
    Goal weight: 140.
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  3. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Hi Cas welcome over to calorie counting! Glad to see someone from the pregnancy section :) xx
  4. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    4th June 2012

    Breakfast alpen bars 140 cal's

    Lunch pk of quavers 2 alpen bars, yogurt, diet coke 330 cal's

    Dinner low fat lasana, jacket potato 500 cal's

    Snacks 2 cereal bars 140 cal's

    treats- 300 cals

    1410 cals
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  5. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Ah going read through your diary in min hun xx
  6. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Looks like a good day well done x
  7. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    5th June 2012

    Breakfast- cookies and tea 150 cals ( not healthy option but been up early with Hollie)

    Lunch- jacket potatoe colslaw, diet coke-300 cals,

    Dinner pasta bolonase, garlic bread 600 cals

    Snacks -alpen bar 70 cals fruit 200 cals, fab 90 cals, muffin 200

    exercise, 40 min walk.

    1610 cals.
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  8. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    I've not even had breakfast, been given a lie in! so you've done better than me haha x
  9. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Lucky you! at least you got more cal's to eat the rest of the day! x
  10. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    I know I always use them on rubbish though need to try be healthy!
    He's back to work tomorrow so it will be me doing night feeds for rest of the week! Enjoyed my lie in though but I'm still really tired lol x
  11. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Yeah my oh is bk at work tomorrow too, his out at moment taking emily swimming so im left with the 2 lo's, going get them both to sleep so i can have a nap, dont get a break myself with nite feeds or mornings as oh got hearing impairment so he cant hear her during the night x
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  12. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Just had a peak at the scales and im down lb :D which is odd thought I be up at least 2lbs, after my naughty wkend! so there is hope for friday's wi!

    Im planning to keep busy today to avoid snacking! im going take the girls for walk to the shops and feed the ducks and then its cleaning for me if Hollie is a good baby today!

    Im ready to start exersise now my scar healed well, so can anyone recommend any fun fitness dvds, nothing to tough just yet! I want to give my weightloss a boost over next few wks! xx
  13. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    6TH June 2012

    Breaskfast-tea and cereal bar 90 cals.

    lunch- jacket potatoe wiv beans, diet coke, cereal bar 370 cals.

    Dinner-chicken potatoes and veg 500 cals

    Snacks 2 x alpen bars 140 cals 70 cals yogurt
    hot choc 100 cals

    Total 1270 cals xxxxxxx
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  14. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Well done! I just went on this morning too and it's looking good for Friday!
    I don't know any DVDs never done them before I'm sure someone will have some to recommend though x
  15. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Thanks im going look at some cheap ones on amazon, im bit worried about tomorrow, its my bday and oh wants to get us a indian in, not best idea b4 wi!, My oh didnt even realise I was on a diet just cos it doesnt seem that im dieting with calorie counting! xx
  16. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    I was Gunna suggest looking on amazon x
    If you're worried why don't you have your curry on Friday after weigh in. X
  17. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    I was thinking of swapping the curry to friday, but going chance it and have lil calories through the day if I do have a gain I start fresh on friday! after this wkend I havent got nothing on next few wks so no excuses!

    Went out for my walk so done some excersise today, once ur scar's healed more ur be able to get out and about with the boys x
  18. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Yeah just enjoy it it won't affect too much x
  19. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    7th June 2012

    Breakfast-alpen bar 70 cals

    Lunch- chicken deli and diet coke 590 cals

    snack- cake 200 cals

    Dinner- Curry loads of calories xx
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  20. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    I so regret that curry Im probably going have a gain now!
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  21. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    We all deserve a treat Hun :) xxx

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