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Caths Diary.......once and for all!!!!

Hi Everyone

Well today is my first day back on Weight Watchers. I put on nearly four stone over the last year and a half :eek: . I did Lipotrim for a while and lost 31lbs on it which was great for shifting a good lot of the weight. But now Id like to lose the rest by just eating right and having a life and a good relationship with food. I know WWs works cos I did it before and it was brrrillll :). So Im counting today as my first day and new start.

A little bit about me.....my name is Cath, 27, and Im a music and heritage student in Dublin. When Im on WWs I tend to have a week or two where Im really good and then Ill just have a week or two where I just break it completely :confused: . Ive been reading diaries on here trying to work up the courage to start one myself, and seeing how supportive and friendly ye all are to eachother Im hoping all the support and advice on here will help me stay on track.
Im gona post my food diary on here too so please feel free to give me a good kick up the a**e when I need it lol.

Hope everyone is doing great
Lots of luv
Cath xox
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Hiya Twigs
Yes we can do it :) Im aiming for 1 stone by xmas. Thats 12 weeks so with all the extra fab exercise :)rolleyes:) I will be doing I think I should be able to reach that lol.
Ive got the first day high on today though so hoping the rest of the week will be as easy eek hehe
Cath xox
you will easily reach 1 stone by xmas hen :) good luck with it and well done on the 31lbs with lipotrim :D xxx
Hi Rach and Katie
Thank you both. Ya I used to lose about 1lb each week the last time I did WW so hoping it will be the same this time. Just really want to be able to go out for New Years and not spend the whole night wishing I was at home. Oooh and buy a really nice n sexeee dress too.....be rude not to really :rolleyes:

Oh god Lipotrim was bittersweet to say the least haha weight loss was brill but side effects not so much :( Determined to not ever have to go to those lengths again lol

So my menu for today was.....
Bfast: 2 slices wholemeal + Nutella
cuppa tea and soya milk
Lunch: turkey breast + salad
chupa chop
salt + vinegar snack-a-jacks
Dinner: turkey breast + salad
2 plums
Tea:2 slices wholemeal
Hellmans extra light mayo, rest of turkey breast, lettuce
tea and soya milk
Snacks:apple, fruit gums pack

Total: 20
heehee can ye tell I like turkey lol

Btw just wondering what the exact points are for turkey regarding weights and stuff. I think Im pointing it wrong but wana make sure. Thanks

Cath xox
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125g turkey breast is 2.5 points :)

and its good you like white meat - saves you a lot of points! I eat mainly white meat and fish because its so low in points in comparison to red.. gutted as I love cottage pie / spaghetti bol etc, and as much as i love quorn, its still not the same :(
Thanks Rach. Oops I was doing 2.5 for 150g!! oh well not that far out i guess lol. Ya I dont tend to eat red meat unless Im at mums n dads and its already cooked for me lol. I do lurve Shepherds Pie though numnum.

Yaaaaaay *jumps up and down excitedly* thank you for the rep hun. Im still a bit lost on here so please bear with me everyone while I get round to all your diaries and figure out things lol ;)

Oh ya I got some Quorn mince yest as it was 2 for 1 in Tescos so gona try and do Spag Bol next week sometime. The peppered steaks are yum if youve not tried them. I do em in George and they dont dry out :)

Cath xox
ooh cheers for the tip! i'll have to double check on the turkey for you - you might be right for 150g - i just looked through my diary as i knew i had had turkey recently and i had quarter of a pack which was 125g, so it might still be 2.5 for 150g :)
hello and welcome to the forum :)
hey, hope you've had a good WW day :) xxx
Evening everyone

Mrsm2007 thank you so much hun :)

Katie oooh yes I lurrrve xmas dindins. God I cant wait lol. only 12 weeks and 1 day to go......not that Im counting or anything :whistle:

Lucysmommy thank you hun. Hope I can lose as much as you for my first week :cross:

Hiya Rach how r u today hun? Today was actually good as I was stuck in a car in middle of nowhere for most of it so therefore away from food lol so even tho some of those moocows were looking pretty yummy at one stage I was verrry good and had an apple instead :D go me go me

Menu for today:
Brkfst: 2 slices wholemeal (2.5)+ nutella(1.5)
tea + soya milk (0.5)
Lunch: cereal bar (2), apple (0.5)
Lunch no.2: cereal bar (2)
Dinner: Chinese beef in blackbean sauce half tray (4.5), boiled rice (3), chips (2), diet coke (0)
Tea: WW bar (1.5), tea + rest of soya milk (0)
Snack: WW cheese puffs (1)

Total: 21 which is one over but Ill pull that back tomorrow so hoping that will even it out.
gotta love a chinese :D anything in blackbean sauce is one of my faves too :)

hope you have a good day today! xxx
Hi hope everyones having a good day.

So dat three has got off to a good start. I dont even feel that hungry which is so wierd for me.

My beloved banger car had her NCT (MOT in UK I think) this morn. I totally wasnt expecting her to pass as shes 14 yrs old and I only paid 500E for her (so Ive been expecting her to fall appart form the day I got her lol). But she only failed on having a bit of extra rust on one of the doors!!! So good times I thought as it wont cost much to fix that up. But on the way home the oul bi**h decides to break down, and now Ive been told that shes beginning to go and all sorts of things will start to clap out from now on....bad times :mad:
But this also means that as Im not prepared to put money into a dead loss........it is an excuse to get a new car.....a bright, shinny, snazzy new car......:D and Ill have an excuse to test drive lots of out-of-my-price-range cars too while Im looking heehee....ooh this could turn out to be even more fun than shoe shopping ;)

Hiya Rach, ooh i LURVE chinese takeaway. I can never eat the whole thing though so it always lasts me 2 days. lol guess what Im having for dindins tonight ;) Im gona bulk it up with veg and have less rice though I think. Roll on dinner time :) Hope yoour day is going well. Did you have school today?

Cath xox
Day three food diary
Brkfst: mullerlight (1.5), apple (0.5)
Lunch: cereal bar (1)
Dinner: Chinese beef in blackbean sauce (4.5), boiled rice (2.5), veg (0), diet coke (0)
Tea: tea + soya milk (0.5), WW choc bar (1.5), 2 slices WW bread (1), salad (0), 1 slice low fat ham, low fat coleslaw + Hellmanns extra light mayo (1)
Snacks: WW cheese puffs (1), apple (0.5)

15.5 points today and 1 carried over from yest so 3.5 left for nibbles later :)
Must drink more water though

My local shop had the WWs pizzas in today :D. I havent been able to find them here at all until today so even though I got some wierd looks when I started dancing around beside the freezer in the middle of the shop..., Im a happy bunny. Think thats gona be for dinner tomorrow with some McCain oven chippies yum. I love weight watchers :D
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do you have the scrappage scheme / carcraft over there? carcraft over here have some really good scrappage deals on - so you get £2k off the price of a second hand car if you put your car in part exchange..

as for the water - sugar free squash - makes it so much easier to get your water intake :) i'm really not a fan of water unless its mineral water for uni.. i really can taste the difference, so i much prefer s.f. squash! :)
I think it depends on the garage here. Some do and some dont...its annoying. Hoping I might get something though. Aw Im gona miss her though lol she was my first car :sigh: Car prices have come down a lot in the last year though so from what I was looking at today I think I might be able to get a newer car than what I had been looking at before for my budget (which is very small as Im a skint student lol). I really want a metalic blue micra. I love the newer ones with their buggy eyes lol :p

Oh thank you yes I will def get me some sf squash. I always mean to drink water throughout the day but then dont cos of the taste so bit of flavour would prob do the trick :)
micras are lovely to drive - i have one of the older shape - S reg - theyre dead reliable and most problems with them are ones you can fix yourself in about 5 minutes :) gutted i'll probs lose mine as they've crushed the boot underpanel in :(

my first car was a Renault 5.. loved her, she was called Daisy.. but i love Car my micra more.. lol :D

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