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Cat's hopeful diary


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So almost at the end of week two and finding it easy to stick to the diet (although apparently i'm not getting enough carbs and sometimes not enough fat), and maybe that is why this week so far I have managed to put 1lb on (although official weigh day isn't until Monday morning so maybe a extra push over the weekend and something will give). Really hoping this diet works because totally fed up of how I look and feel and nothing else has really worked in the past. Don't want to feel ashamed stepping out on the town with my girl any more and buying tents for clothes!
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Try having cream in coffee and salmon as opposed to other fish and use butter instead of oil for frying, also used butter to saute your veggies to up your fat content. Good luck on your journey :)


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Welcome Cat, we'll do it together hun:D

(you may not be able to see my stats yet - I'm heavier than you)
Hi Cat and welcome love, yes, don't forget, this is not a low fat diet at all, up your green leqaf veggies to increase your carbs should help


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Its the most counter-intuitive diet ever - but I love the food you can eat and I love all the guys on this forum!! lol


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Good to see your diary Cat. Yes it's counter intuitive, i didnt believe when i started and dh was openly skeptical - hit goal today so it does work!:)
Keep going and you will see the benefits:D


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Official weigh in tomorrow but not feeling hopeful, as of this morning I'm still same weight as Monday so a little disappointed. Wanted to get down to next stone bracket before hols but got about five weeks to lose 6lb so not sure how that gonna go:(
Well week two and stayed the same which is slightly annoying, even a 1lb loss would have been something. Wondering whether its from exercising and if i've toned up instead? Want to try and keep with the exercising though to try and off-set loose skin as much as possible. Big push this week, please let the scales move in the right direction!
Morning Cat, well muscle weighs more than fat, so it's possible love
Here's hoping Jim. If get the chance we're gonna measure tonight if get chance to see if there has been a change on the tape rather than the scales
In some ways I feel the tape is a better measurement, after all we want to be slimmer, the weight loss is just a side effect :)
So took my measurements tonight cos was disappointed with my sts on second week. Did biceps, chest, waist, hips and thighs and in two weeks have lost a total of 7 inches so that's lifted the disappointment. Still hoping for some scale movement this week though
That's amazing shrinkage!!! Wow! Well done... :)


Clean green leafy machine
Well done Cat, good result :)

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