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Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by bethlow23, 25 August 2014.

  1. bethlow23

    bethlow23 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I bought a cauliflower yesterday because I remember seeing a recipe for a white creamy pasta sauce and also a curry made from cauliflower. I found the recipe for the curry but cannot find the one for the sauce anywhere.

    Can anyone recommend a recipe for me, please? Any other recommendations on what to do with it are helpful too as it's literally the biggest cauliflower I have ever seen!

    Thank you
  2. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    I've no idea about the creamy pasta.

    I go on all recipes uk for ideas which is brill.

    Have you tried roasted cauliflower, it's delicious, just cut up into florets spray with frylight & cook in the oven until nice & brown about 40mins.
  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Well-Known Member

    The creamy sauce that I make might not be the same, but I'll share!

    1 Cauliflower,
    6 cloves of garlic
    mixed herbs/italian seasoning
    2-4 cups of stock (depending on desired consistency)
    A dash of milk
    1 tsp butter

    Boil the cauliflower, blend all ingredients together! Add seasoning/more milk to desired taste, great for pasta with some bacon and mushrooms!
  4. bethlow23

    bethlow23 Well-Known Member

    Thank you both, I'll definitely have to try both recipes. I can't wait to try that pasta sauce :)

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