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CD and IBS


I WILL be thin!!
Does anyone suffer from IBS? CD settled it down and now its flared back up again. I spoke to my CDC about it this evening who suggested peppermint tea but I hate the stuff. I told her that coffee and water would set it off anyway so no surprise there! I said I used to drink either hot water and slices of lemon or Typhoon's lemon flavour fruits creation. So she's suggested I try that and see if that helps. She's more concerned about getting my IBS under control whereas, typical me, would rather have the weight loss!
Anyone else suffer? Any tips would be great.
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Shrinky Pinky!
Poor you :( - I sympathise as I suffered from IBS for a couple of years. When I started CD, within a fortnight it calmed right down and (touchwood) throughout SS+ I havn't seen much of it at all. I'm hoping that as I move up the steps and take on board more food, it won't come back.

With you on the peppermint tea - and it's not so effective for IBS symptoms in my experience. I have used Windeze for the odd flare up - not sure what stage you're at with CD but did you recently introduce the CD bars? They can cause wind, and in an IBS sufferer a little wind is a big issue.
When I've started feeling like it's flaring up, it's been due to bars (epsecially the crunch ones) and a Windeze or two has stopped it dead.
HI I have crohn's and the symptoms are pretty similar, I use peppermint tea, and nettle tea, let it go cold, loads of ice and sweetner not too bad! Thankfully on CD it seems to be much better!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I had bad IBS for years before CD (especially the bloating - my tummy used to get like a rock-hard balloon) and I found that refeeding after SS was a very helpful way of finding out what aggravates it. In my case (as I suspected) it's wheat - or more specifically, the wheat that's used in most British bread.

I did a bit of research into this, with the help of my GP - apparently in the UK, wheat is artificially ripened with the aid of chemicals in order to produce enough bread for us all to eat. (I nearly always used to get bloating and pain after eating toast, sandwiches or pizza, so I should have seen the writing on the wall really.) My GP betted me that if I ate 'proper' French bread (i.e. not a Tesco baguette!), this wouldn't happen, and she was absolutely right. I also ate lovely light bread on holiday in the Balearics this year, and had no bloating whatsoever.

I don't know why we adulterate our bread like this and Europeans don't, but that seems to be the answer for me. I've got a Maison Blanc bakery near me and their bread is fine, but other than that I tend to avoid bread now, apart from the odd slice of Nimble to balance up my carbs (I'm on maintenance). No more bloating or pain anyway! :)

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