CD Bars.....


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Are amazing! Just had my first one, after seeing CDC again, and OMG, it took me nearly 30 minutes to eat it, it was so filling! Going to be careful and test for the next couple of days to see if I come out of the pink, but hopefully I should be okay - have got the rest of the box to get through!

Had a malt toffee one - just like a finger of fudge :D
I remember my first bar!! It was just the best!!!!

Just one a day remember ;-)

Yes m8!

All of them are chocolate covered.

There are (and my scores are!) :-

Peanut Crunch - (9/10!)
Cranberry Crunch - (9/10!)
Malt Toffee - (8/10!)
Caramel - (7/10!)
Dark Chocolate Orange - (6/10!)
Chocolate - (4/10!)
PEANUT, PEANUT, PEANUT (Shouted in a defiant Peanut is the best sort of blokes voice)
You can have em from the start of the third week m8eeee so another week and then you can grab one a day! Something to look forward to !!
So much to look forward to along the way m8!!

And won't be long before you start breaking records in weight loss and then it will really become good fun!!

Mike... Just read your post here and it says bars are not to be had til week 3, is this right as my cdc said i was ok after week 1...
I dont wont it to stop my weight loss..

By the way peanut crunch is fab !!
Bars should be avoided in the first two weeks to allow ketosis to kick in fully and as quick as possible.

Can I ask a question please? :confused: I read that the peanut and cranberry bars are lower carb than the shakes..... is this correct? and if so can we have more than 1 per day? for instance if there's a day out where it would be easier to deal with?
i'm not a cdc and cant advise this but i have had 2 bars in a day if i've been out all day and look at it that its better to do that than give in and eat, ir didn't affect weight loss but i drank an extra litre thoses days.

A cdc will be able to tell you why its only 1 bar a day.

Have you tried the tetras.
You are right that the new bars are slightly lower carb than the sachets BUT there is also a load of fibre in them (11 grams from memory) and hence 2 a day may well upset your tummy.

When I got the testers I ate the two flavours and the smells were not pleasant!