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CD Returner - Needs a Buddy!

Coolio! How are you finding it? I lost 30lbs then had a break for camping then lost my resolve :( The put it back on because I binged :(
But now looking forward to getting slim for ever!
I'm doing ok its remembering that I can't just grab and apple or a slice of bread that's hard! And licking my fingers lol!
Kids wanted sandwiches and tiger bread for tea which was torture but now I'm at the end of my first day I'm feeling really good that I've done it!
My first weekend too! Good luck xx
lm on day 1 too hun also a returner just pm me if you need to let off a bit of steam we all do at some stage, good luck and we'll be dropping the lbs in no time :D


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just be strong..finding it really gud now..have lots of energy 1st week was really tough..the cravings were awful, I just wanted to eat stuff i had never eaten before!! u will be ok jst stick with it and keep urself busy when ur thinking about food..once u get through the first week..as im sure u know..it gets easier, and uve done it before so u should be good!! xx
aah so far so good. bit of an upset tummy but that happened last time too. couldd have murdered some cheese and crackers last night - and whilst at the market we bought some chilly jelly - yummers!! but im waiting to treat myself to that. maybe after iv lost a stone. how you finding it?

bb x
Not too bad! Last night I wanted some rolls. I was desperate! Hubby helped talk me round and I went to bed early and read.
7lbs down already YipYip!
We are roughly the same in terms of weight and goals! Do you have any plans for treats or goals?
aw well done you fantastic :) you must be so pleased. unfortunatly iv only lost 1lb :( but i did lose a lot of weight last week in prep for hte diet, eating lots of protein rich salads etc, and lost 7lbs then, so i guess i can say iv lost 8lbs in total. official weigh in friday. cant wait!!

as for treats, well i guess after losing my first stone, il eat that chilly jelly!! or at least a little :) long term goal is to be able to fit into my old cloths again which are a size 10/12, but for now id be happy to fit into a size 14. what about you?

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