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cd take 2 lol

im about to try and get a chocolate tetra down my neck, and ill have some cottage cheese for lunch until i can get to my cdc 2night

i felt guilty last night for having pasta (we had no meat!) and its made me see how much i wanna stick to this

what kind of losses can i expect on 790? will i still get into ketosis?

if the tetra is tolerable i might give ss one more bash
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choc tetra is yuuuuuuuummmm!! ok i can do this!


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S: 20st0lb C: 16st12lb G: 16st7lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 3st2lb(15.71%)
Come on Chuckie21 give it a little longer !

I have done the 790 plan since day one and my weight losses are in my signature, I have remained in ketosis all of the time.
i think now ive found a shake i can tolerate ill do ss for a bit im gonna go swap them all later

im all excited again lol


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I have just gone over to the 790 plan and i got on my scales and it says i have lost 4 lbs and it's only day 3!!! i wonder if my cdc scales say the same?
lol im gonna talk to my cdc later and see what plan she thinks is best

i think ill stick to the tetras and try the soups now


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Ive just lost nearly 8lb on my 790 week, and I cheated. I only have the choc tetras .. lol ... swapped everything else for those as I really didnt like the other shakes and soups. I use half of one and add hot water to make a hot choc drink, its yummy.

Im now on ss starting today after doing 1 week of 790. Perhaps do 790 for one week and then see how you feel next week when you see your cdc again .... if you are ready then try ss again?

Only you know whats best for you so only you can decide.
Chuckie , I'm sorry to sound so negative but all diets generally work if you follow them 100% i know you don't like the shakes so you are right for changing to 790 , but to be honest if you cant do that then you will have to ask yourself some questions
1) do i want to loose weight ??
You have to actually do the diet to lose weight so as much as its fine talking about it you do have to actually do it !!
sorry if i sound harsh its just i was like you and then i stopped messing around and just gone on with it and know I've lost over 4 stone
i am doing the diet...

i havent actually said anywhere im not doing it,


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S: 20st0lb C: 16st12lb G: 16st7lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 3st2lb(15.71%)
i am doing the diet...

i havent actually said anywhere im not doing it,
No but in your original post you said you ate pasta last night. Was this before you started the diet ?


a bit different everyday
hang in there mate it will get better
the choc tetras have been my saviour too!!
give it another bash, you dont know till you try, it IS rough at first but it will get better xxxx
yeah i had pasta last night but i also go on to say that i realised that i really wanted to give cd a chance hence the going to my cdc and swapping my shakes for tetras etc


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I've got to be honest with you I've gone off everything except Malt Toffee bars. I down everything else. If I can, you can ;)

Glad you liked the Tetra!!! x
chuckie - chill hun
i just mean you have written so many threads saying you hate this you hate that you have eaten this and sick of that ,
and all im saying is GIVE CD A CHANCE
will power , will power come on !!
people like me have been on this months and months and we all have a moan but you haven't even stuck to a 1 day yet he he lol
not being mean just trying to get you to think
Good luck chuckie....
I hope you manage to settle into the programme... Maybe when you have been on the tetras for a while you might find you can start to introduce some of the other flavour shakes again,,,,
I know they have become much more tolerable for me....
Just keep your eye on the big picture!
well the truth is i DO hate most of it lol but i have found some things i like and yes i am whinging but you all know how hard this diet is to start with andf the fact that i didnt pack up and go to ww like i wanted to on monday night is an achievment in itself!

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