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cdc help


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right.... done something wrong, rang a counseller today and shes speaking to gill about me starting diet, thing is, i dont think i want that counseller, for a number of reasons. One being she doesnt do appointments til afternoon and i cant get there!
and ive also told gill shes going to be my counseller! i want the couple a lovely girl on here told me about! what do i do!!, well pissed off with myself:cry:
So what do i do?! the counseller is ringing gill tomorrow! and ive emailed gill saying shes ringing and shes my counseller?!
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Hey chick and Gill is? So i can understand ure piece lol x


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lol gil is the medical person for cambridge lol sorry x
Cant u ask gill about this couple? x


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i might do tomorrow, but it means gill ringing them up and speaking to them aswell. Shall i email gill tomorrow sayin changed my mind on the cdc and i want this couple instead? hmm i really want them instead of the women =[
Yeah definately chick, i must admit ive got 2 the point where i need more advice and help, and i wish id got a different cdc cuz mines not overly great. Ure cdc will be a big part of ure weight loss, so u need 2 make sure its one ure happy with. Plus side of having a couple, is if ones ill, ull still be able 2 go. If you dont get the right one, it may put u off going, so u need 2 get it right straight away.



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il let her know tomorrow. this couple are suposed to be lovely, they spend you your packs if you cant make it, and if there not in, they leave them on doorstep for you.
Oh well id def say go with them, they sound v supportive. x


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so i shall email gil walshaw tomorrow and tell her iv changed my mind on the cdc, as she doesnt do morning appointments and i cant see her. Then shall see what happens. i just want to start, have money, the forms just need a yes now!
Yeah just tell her its due 2 time slots etc, she'll understand im sure. Dyou get my text 2day? I wasnt sure if i sent 1 or not lol im well blonde! x x x
I think it's really important to find the right CDC - I travel for 1 hour to get to mine as I like her so much. She was based nearer to me, but then moved, so I followed her! Not that I'm a stalker! It just helps to have someone who you can talk to and who is flexible in their appointments.

Em x


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does the cdc have to let gill whalshaw know your starting the diet? like does she have to send your forms off to them or whatnot?


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not yet hun, may ring up in abit. Can only do 1500 plan!!! well peed off, how much will i lose doing that?

why don't you just ring up the counsellor that you want to go to direct? is there any reason why you are involving head office? You must see the counsellor that you want to see and also someone who you can get to, this is a big part of you being able to stay with the plans. As a rule, we don't send forms into head office, everything is done at ground level between the counsellor and the customer. I only contact head office if i have a query that i'm unable to sort out myself.

I hope you do really well with your weight loss

All the very best


It may be the medical condition that starts you at 1500 cals, are you diabetic? This is the level you would start and then work down the plans.

Additionally, if you are diabetic CD Head Office do need to be notified as they keep a record of all diabetic clients.

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