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CDC's What should be done at a weigh in ?

Just a quick question really.

I was at my weigh in lastnight, and i was in and out within 5 mins.

Told to jump on the scales, CDC ran and got this weeks suppliments, and that was it.

No questions about how i was getting on etc..infact seemed pretty uninterested.

I thought they were supposed to provide you with support etc ?
I mentioned i had found the first week hard, and all i got was, "do you want to keep going? "

Maybe it was a one off, so we'll see next week.
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Not a CDC but wanted to say mine is brilliant - we always sit and chat for as long as I need to (though sometimes I go on so much she probably is mentally begging me to leave!) which has been well over 40 minutes in the past. From this forum I know several other people have really great supportive CDC's too.


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All CDC's work differently so I can't and won't comment on your CDC.

With my clients I allow 1/2hr for a chat any probs to be sorted, weighed, measured, supply food for following week and make follow up appointment.


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I Have A Good Cdc And Will Listen To Me For As Long As I Require .all Cdc Should Be Concered About The Whole You Doing A Vlcd Is Mentaly And Physicaly Hard And Most Cdc S Seem To Understand The Need To Talk .if They Are Still The Same Next Week You Should Look For Another.in The Mean Time You Will Find All The Support U Need On Here From Cdc And Peeps On All Kinds Of Interesting Journeys Xx Mandy
My CDC will sit and chat for as long as I want/need to, and there have been many long chats over the past few weeks. Only you can decide if the CDC you have is providing what you want/need, and then make the decision whether you need to change.


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My CDC was with me about an hour last night. Chatting about how to stick with it and encouraging me. I once tried WW and hated the fact that I had to queue up to get weighed in front of everyone and then everything was over after everyone was weighed. Not for me. Still maybe your CDC was having an off day. Maybe you could have a list of questions ready for next time. I hope things improve. Stick with it. If all else fails you have everyone here to support you to your goal


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Tom , As it was your first week i would of thought he/she would of asked how you were doing and also what packs do you want this time . Mine she comes to me and stays a good 30-40 mins , and also asks if you want a weekly call or a text to spur you on . Also i change packs all the time . Seems like they wanted to be somewhere else your CDC , huh , see how it goes next time and depends on your area you might be able to change to someone thats got time . But thats not good


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if not happy tom , put a post up on here and ask anyone if they know anyone in your area so you get a good CDC before leaving it to long , was there other people waiting to be weighed ?


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I think CD's should have area managers that can check up on them and ensure that they are giving the correct advise etc. Mine is very sweet but only seems to be interested in giving me what I want and taking my money. As there is only one night we can see the local CD'er and only a 1 hour slot at her house, no-one seems to have a chance to talk. This week I am supposed to ne on AAM but when I asked I was told I fine to continue with SS which I am as I am happy - I tried to tell her of the advise I had received from this site regarding the length of time of SSing and she said there was no need to panic, I was still ok to SS. It is a bit of a minefield out there though.
There was nobody waiting to be weighed after me, infact she was in the middle of her dinner when i arrived, even though i was on time.
Didn't find that too nice seeing food when i'm on SS.

It almost seemed an unnesessary journey, it's a 40 miles round trip from home to CDC and back.
It is pretty bad that there was food around especially if you are only just getting into SS. Is there no-one closer to you?
40 mile round trip only to find your CDC in the middle of making her dinner? How rude of her!

Sounds like she is only interested in CD for the profit she can make so, if I were you, I'd find myself another CDC.

My CDC is reasonably new and I would class her as okay. She has said some things that contradict the usual CD advice (e.g. don't have to do AAM if I don't want to, didn't start me on 790 plan when I was at BMI 25 plus a stone) but I think it's because I did CD before a long time ago.

She will chat to me for a good while about the diet, our lives and everything really but sometimes will tell me if she is planning to go out early and then we'll hurry thing up.
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please dont let it put you off though... stick with it, your lifes worth it.. maybe next week things will be better, maybe she was in a hurry or something, maybe when you go next week you could point out jokely hope you got more time for me this week ...

my cdc seemed in a hurry lastweek and left me there with a trainee who i found lovely, dont know what weigh in is like till i go this afo, which i am looking forward too..
Perhaps it was just a one-off and things will be better next time you go? Make sure you ask her everything you want to know while you are there and don't worry about taking up her time. She decided to take on the role so she needs to commit the time and effort to it.

If you find her the same next time then I would suggest you make a complaint about her through the Cambridge Diet website. If she can't do the job properly then she should either be re-trained or not be allowed to continue.

Hopefully this won't be necessary and things will be different next time.

Good luck.


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Tom , I know what it was now , she was scared you was going to take one look at her dinner and polish it off , it all adds up now , thinking poor bloke hes been on that almost a week now and seeing food lol Just joking hehe , but is that the closest to you ?
Yep, thats the closest.
Although there's one thats nearer my work i suppose.
Anyway, if it stays like that, i'll just be weighing myself, and ordering the shakes etc elswhere if i can.
It aint going to stop me.
(well, apart from the bacon roll my collegue is munching right now, smell fab !)
If there is one near your work you may be able to arrange a meeting on the way home or even pre-work. Lots of CDC's have very flexible hours and you should feel supported by them as this diet can be tough. After my weekend lapse the first thing I did was email my counsellor who replied 10 minutes later!


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Might be good idea to put a post up on here see if theres anyone near you , Dont know if you can order the shakes , but as she knew you was coming she should of setside say least 40 mins . Bacon Roll , every morning i have todo my son a bacon sandwhich . Well everyday you are good you will feel better . Are you drooling lol

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