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Changing tastebuds!


I *will* be skinny again!
I had a strawberry shake for the first time in about a week last night.....and it tasted completely different!!

It tasted too sweet & sugary! When I had it the first time it tasted that way too, but ugggg.....I could barely manage to drink it all last night. Won't be having that again. :sign0137:

Probably because I've never been one for sweet things and sugar.

Anyone else experienced this?
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Positivity is the key
no I find it ok, but then again I am on here because of a massive sweet tooth. I don't take the strawberry a lot, because it's not my flavour of choice, but ok for the occasional change.


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lol well i havnt had the strawberry since about week 3/4 and the vanilla i had one on my first day and almost puked and havnt had anything other than chocolate since about week 10 just because i LOVE it and theres no point trying to vary it if im content with just one!

Although, my bf loves spicy food and ive never been one for really hot stuff like he likes it but in these past few weeks the smell of the really hot pepper sauce he has is DIVINE!! i cant wait to try some of that bad boy! Maybe im guna like hot stuff?! lol


I *will* be skinny again!
I agree with you on the vanilla! That was vile!!
I got all chocolate for the past 2 weeks but I had the spare strawberry left over and just thought...why not? But nope...I'm sure I'll be sticking to chocolate!

I love spicy food! If they had a spicy shake I'd be in heaven! Who knows you might actually like it! I'd only try a little at first....otherwise your tongue might hate you for awhile. haha.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
:rotflmao: true! I cant have it for a while anyways!!
Have you tried the soup yet?x


I *will* be skinny again!
I tried it my first day and wasn't too impressed but I might get it when I go weigh in on saturday to try!

Is it true you can add chilli powder to it? Or is that a myth?


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No, your not susposed to add anything to anything although some people do manage to get away with adding black pepper and chilli flakes. Personally i wouldnt risk it :)
have not noticed change in tastebuds, but i'm sure i will when i finally start eating as it will have been SO long since i had food!

i have same every day - vanilla + coffee, strawberry for lunch and choc for dinner (preferably piled over loads of crushed ice).

recently tried vanilla without coffee for first time in at least 12 weeks and found it so much sweeter than i do with coffee.

i have to say i'm always amazed when people add sweeteners to the shakes - i find them very sweet as it is, lol!


I *will* be skinny again!
I asked the pharmacist about pepper...he said no because it comes from a berry so....I won't be doing that! I don't want to risk it! Too much hard work has gone into this for just a bit of seasoning!

i have to say i'm always amazed when people add sweeteners to the shakes - i find them very sweet as it is, lol!
I know what you mean! I couldn't have the shakes with sweetners at all. yeck.
i think the other thing is you shouldn't add to the shakes/soup (says she who adds coffee...) cos it's not about food tasting delicious, it's about helping us to get into the mindset of thinking of food more as a fuel to give you energy for your daily life, than something always to be savoured.

so, while in theory it should be ok to add things like herbs (leaf, just like teas) it encourages you to be enjoying and savouring the taste, rather than just chucking it down your neck.


I *will* be skinny again!
hmmm....will definetly have to try it now.

i don't remember how much it tastes...but does it actually taste like chicken at all?

I really hope not! i'm a veggie and don't really fancy having faux chicken taste in my mouth! :sign0137:


I *will* be skinny again!
I have no clue what a cuppasoup tastes like.
Guess I'll just have to find out by trying it! haha


Here we go again!
I used to like the chicken but after 2 weeks I just couldn't stomach them anymore. Haven't tried them since. I used to add curry powder to them and it didn't affect my losses at all, but don't think you're supposed to add that.

I find the shakes are a lot sweeter now than when I began (some 24 weeks ago, phew!). I couldn't add any sweeteners either. They'd be way too sweet for me. I have one strawberry for brekkie and two choc everyday now. The choc even tastes like choc angel delight to me now!! Only 2 more days of doing that for me. Woohoo!!
i found that if you add two sweeteners and a hanful of ice cubes and blend the vanilla shake, it tastes like mini milk ice cream. yum :) i didnt like it before i tried it that way :)
I find the strawberry shakes almost too sweet after only 2 weeks. I started off adding sweetener to them, but notany more. I wish they were less sweet actually. Still, I have one a day or all I'd have was the chocolate. I don't like the vanilla and really can't stand the soup.
i like the strawberry as it makes a change from the choc lol

Couldnt add no sweetners tho

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