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  1. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Hi all,

    I am a returner. I lost 10st 7lbs a couple of years ago, with the motivation of marrying in a beautiful wedding dress. Fast forward a year and a half and I have put on more than 4 stones :,(.

    I have excuses - I have had various gynaecology problems which have resulted in hormone imbalance (craved carbs), anaemia, terrible pain (only addressed by Ben and Jerry's) etc and I have had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago.

    However the majority of my weight gain is due to lack of self control. I had gotten to a point where I felt beautiful and slender, and kept thinking oh this won't hurt, I'll have a bit of that, I've been without for such a long time etc etc. then I got Ill and I ate to feel better.

    As I am post op I am wearing track suit bottoms and baggy tops ( size 16), as I have put on this weight so quickly most of my clothes are a 12 which I can't fit into anymore. No one can rock track suit bottoms - am feeling super rubbish.

    When I was losing weight before I promised myself a pair of Levi's in a size 10 when I got to goal, but never quite got there. I am 40 this year (dec) and that's what I want for my birthday. Is it possible? Hell yes!

    So starting weight last weds is 15 10 cry. I have set my goal as 9st 12.

    I'm hoping to try the new simply filling to begin with as I can't seem to stick to portions at the moment (I will work in self control). Can't get to classes ATM and want to save money whilst not at work so will be going from American SF list unless I find the English version.

    Starting this diary to make myself accountable :)

    Sarah xxx
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  3. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Today I have eaten:

    Warburtons sandwich square with 2 eggs

    I'm planing quorn fillets, roast pots (fry light) and veg for dinner. Followed by frozen raspberries and some fat free yog x

    Munchies are the worst in the evening :( so I'll probs add some protein later x
  4. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    hi here to follow xx
  5. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Anybody else used this, it's awesome :)

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  6. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Never seen this before? ! is it nice x
  7. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    It's in the sainsburys coffee isle, yes it's really nice, natural ingredients and 1 pp for 2 teaspoons. You can use in drinks, make hot choc or milkshake with it or use as toppings (I'm gonna try it mixed with zero fat yogurt and frozen raspberries later). It's expensive £3.50 ish, but you do get a decent amount x
  8. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    can you have this on ss?? x
  9. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :) x
  10. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    I'm guessing officially not (although I don't do to classes so can't ask) but at 14 cals a teaspoon. I can't see it making a difference. I am going to have it as one of my treats x
  11. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Quick update re last nights food aka munchies

    Had salad with prawns and boiled egg followed by frozen raspberries, so not too bad :) worked out I was well below a normal PP day.

    Just got soaked on school run! What horrible weather. Our back garden backs onto an offshoot of the Thames and at the moment is flooded. Luckily (fingers and toes crossed) the house has been built quite high up, doesn't stop me worrying though!

    On a positive note the housewives of Orange County are back this evening, yay love that programme (it's great to be on forced rest sometimes).

    So food today (gonna go to pp using filling foods, as love my tassimo coffee too much)


    2 macciarto 5pp


    1 egg, 2 quorn sausage pp 5
    Tomato, mushroom
    Warburtons sandwich bread PP 3



    Tuna steak PP 5 ( will need to check when weighed)
    Bgty cheese PP 3

    Fat free yog 2 PP
    Two teaspoons of choc sauce 1 pp

    Yum x

    Hope you all have a fabulous day

  12. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Stuck pretty much to plan so far although I have snuffled two jammy dodgers - 4pp

    Frustrated that I ache all over as soon as I attempt any sort of exercise. 3weeks ago I had my hysterectomy so can't start properly yet. I've done loads around the house and walked to and from school with my daughter. So it's a start but I do ache?

    Going to try to do a little everyday until I get the all clear from the doc.

    How you all doing?

    Sarah x
  13. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    ahhh Sarah thats not good, it is normal to be aching still??

    what plan you on? do you weigh at home? x
  14. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Hi *waves*

    Perfectly normal to hurt when you over do it, sometimes for months after. I'm not supposed to be doing anything besides slow short walks (building up slowly) until about 6 wks. It's frustrating though as I feel really good so *think* I am capable of doing stuff but obviously not lol!

    I'm PP but trying to do it with mostly healthy foods (I can't stick to Ss as I like to add other foods - not in list, too much). I'm pescetarian so don't eat meat and trying to do more veggie meals.

    How are you doing today?

    Hubbie just got home from the shops, difficult times, will sit on hands rather than pick at yummy foods xxx
  15. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    haha im grumpy today :( hate being a grump. pmt coming I thinks. ahh short walks and slowly and surely you will get there. can you not do f&h with the 49pp added or do you like pointing? I got bad last year with my pointing it stressed me out so much I had to come away from minis and from ww. ss is great for me and I think ill stick to f&h from now on. x
  16. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Hope you feel less grumpy very soon. Hate pmt, I'm a cryer! This time around I'll have pmt but no period (still have ovaries) how strange it will be!

    That's a fab idea, I'll try that from weds (after weigh in) and see how I get on. :)

  17. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    id love just the pmt and no mother nature! I hate it so much but if I change my pill ill pile the weight on!! ugh being a woman sucks lol.

    do you have a goal weight and time scale? x
  18. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    My goals 9'12 and by this time next year. Should be do able (start weight 15 10 eek!). You?

    That's if I can stop eating popcorn (terrible munches today :()
  19. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    ooo if you do F& h popping corn is on the list you could make your own.

    currently 10s 11lb wanna be 9s 7lb x
  20. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Brilliant shall print out filling and healthy foods list and stick on my fridge first thing tomorrow. Thank you x
  21. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Your welcome. I like it personally even tho im having a wobbler tonight over it lol x

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