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Chat thread

I don't know if this is allowed, but I thought it'd be nice if we had a thread to chat in! I always find myself going drastically off topic in other threads and I think it'd be nice if we could all just chat to each other in here - about anything and everything, Slimfast related or not!

Hopefully this doesnt go down like a lead balloon :D
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Morning good idea! How is everyone this morning lost another pound this morning making it 2 off this week decided to have some toast for brekkie instead of a shake needed something to munch on instead of just a drink was a nice change been busy this week we have brought a little westie puppy it's like looking after 5 babies in one go hard work
great idea :)
what did you name your puppy? i had a bichon frise i named 'killer' :8855:
had to rehome him with my next door neighbour so we still see him every day :)
we had a fright last night. a couple of lads tried breaking in to my house through the bedroom window that me and other half was sleeping next to. yes the window was open but thought would be ok. they scarpered very quick when paul chased them (he was naked :8855:). no harm was done but couldnt sleep last night and have cancelled the party i was supposed to go to today as i dont want to leave my house empty. at least i wont go over my calorie limit with lots of tempting food in front of me :D
Oh my god that's horrible, I don't blame you not wanting to leave the house! :-(

Some my OH works with got burgled a few months back while they were asleep, they took stuff out her young daughters room while she was sleeping... How terrifying is that, that they'd sneak in to your kids room without any one knowing!!!!!

Glad everythigs is ok though!

I'd love a puppy but we're always out during the day and I think leaving it alone would be unfair. Oh well!
OMG that is awful. Bet they were chavs?
We've been burgled before we'd not long moved in so the place was a shithole so we didn't even notice at first that we'd been burgled!

I'm going to weigh myself a day early this week (monday morning) im taking my 2 year old to drayton manor/ thomas the tank engine land and he wants to have a picnic so will treat myself with a few nibbles after my weigh in.

I'm so bored can't wait until the football is over. :)
Yay, I'm glad there are people posting here :D

fortyandfat, that sounds terrible! Something similar happened to me the other day - two drunk men somehow got into my block of flats at 2 in the morning (I was still up), and stood right outside my door shouting and screaming, and trying to break down my neighbour's door! Another neighbour came to ask them to either be quiet or go away and they threatened to kill him and started screaming at him, so we called the police and they were arrested. Scary stuff!

My BMI is going down, but my weight isn't, it's so frustrating! But I walked 4 miles today and have stuck to the plan so fingers crossed...
stayed in last night and got drunk. we watched paranomarl activity. it poo'd me up big time. could only watch half of it as my other half turned it off coz i made him come to the toilet with me coz i was so spooked out :8855:. he now wants to finish watching it!!
girl27 have a fab day. i love theme parks :D
Lol :D I haven't seen that, but then i'm not a big fan of even remotely scary films...though I was thinking about going to see Ghost Stories, the west end show, at some point - Ghost Stories, by Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman at Lyric Hammersmith - Lyric Square, King Street London W6 0QL - London UK - more on OffWestEnd.com - Listings and showtimes for over 80 Off West End theatres in London UK! Don't know if i'd handle it well though!

I haven't been too bad this weekend, though I did just have a Cornetto!
anything ghostly freaks me out. im the sort of person who has to know so will do whatever it takes to find out even if it means sleeping in a haunted house.
i also love comedy's and cant wait for 'little fockers' to be released. :D
i love horrors just a shame theres not much out there that scares me now lol,, ghostly things fascinate me think its ever since i saw a ghost as a teenager, im also a great believer in the afterlife and being born again that kinda thing,,,,, maybe im weird lmfao.

Julie thats a terrible thing to have happened little gits.

im all excited this week as its saturday i finally go camping wooohoooo hope the dogs behave tho lol
ah kazzy i saw a ghost when i was about 19. poo'd the life out of me!
bet your excited for your camping trip?! how long you going for? dont forget to take sun screen. its gona be hot hot hot :D
i need to stock up on more sunscreen even need it for one of the dogs as hes white and burns pretty easy if were not careful also going with lots of antihistamines as the dogs get hives when in the grass for ages lol
Awww, poor doggies! I don't react very well with the heat, I have been known to faint a lot when it's been really hot. So i'm drinking loads of water, trying to keep out of it as much as I can...I'm still walking to work though, just taking an extra half hour to do it so I don't over exert myself!

It seems to be paying off...I went shopping today and bought a size 12 dress. 12! It wasn't that long ago I was only just fitting into size 16. I love Slimfast! Saying that, I was a 12 in Dorothy Perkins but a 16 in Topshop...*rolls eyes* way to go, Topshop, raining on my parade! :p
the secret is dont shop at topshop lol actually i wish the shops would be forced to standardize clothing sizes as theres nothing worse than being one size and coz u go somewhere else u need to get 1 or 2 sizes bigger grrrrrrrrrrrrrr makes my blood boil
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i always liked dorathy perkins as their sizes come up big. so,
big girls shop at dotty p's to feel a boost that they need smaller sizes
and skinnie minnies shop anywhere they blooming like! :(
that will be us soon. going to any shop and saying we want 'that' and they have it in our skinny size :D
I usually don't go into Topshop for this very reason! Plus I think it can be a bit expensive. But they had a sale on...so I was powerless to resist :p
I hate how sizes differ too, it's maddening. Definitely agree that sizes need to be standardized...
i always liked dorathy perkins as their sizes come up big. so,
big girls shop at dotty p's to feel a boost that they need smaller sizes
and skinnie minnies shop anywhere they blooming like! :(
that will be us soon. going to any shop and saying we want 'that' and they have it in our skinny size :D
I hope so :D I am always envious of friends of mine who can go into any shop and buy pretty things! A big love of mine is vintage dresses, but there are very few vintage-y dresses that will fit me :p

How are we all today? I've temporarily given up with SF, my boyfriend is coming down today for a week (we're in a long distance relationship) and I'd rather not worry about shakes and the like for the time we're together. It was so weird deciding what to have for breakfast and lunch today, it took me ages to decide on some porridge, and i'm struggling to finish this sandwich! Weird :eek:
i have a friend who specialises in vintage clothing and yes it is all very skinny!
treat your week off as a holiday within reason!
hope you have a good week :)


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alpha have fun with the week off and having the boyfriend there;);) you may still burn a few calories:8855:

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