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Chazsucks diary: 28lbs till 'overweight'

My shakes turned up this morning so I'm raring to go :D

Made up a strawberry shake, it was bareable but I've put it in the fridge as I have no ice and think it will be easier to drink cold as I love drinks really cold

I'm really hungry, but I think the first couple of days might be ok due to the novelty factor lol

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 17st 11lbs (249lbs)
BMI: 41.4
Body fat %: 45.9%
Body fat mass: 51.9kg

Waist: 41"
Hips: 51"
Belly: 52"
Neck: 15"
Upper arm: 16.5"
Thigh: 33"

Look what I made -
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eurgh just had my shake... now I feel even hungrier - is that normal? lol
Feel a bit poo done a massive food shop today and all the goodies hubby bought - ah my mouth was watering...

Then in the fridge there's a massive chocolate cake with cream etc

Grrr why do i live in a house with people that LOVE food so much!!! lol

Tried to get some flavoured water in tesco but there was NONE without citric acid :(
Hi chick welcome wishing u all the very best ...
First few days are hard but with some determination you will get through it..and come weigh in day the results will be worth it x x
Chazsucks;3413509 Grrr why do i live in a house with people that LOVE food so much!!! :([/QUOTE said:
I know! Mine have just requested macaroni cheese for tea, which is such a bum cos I love that :sigh:
Wishing you lots of luck with your diet. This is a great forum, I've found it really supportive.
Welcome to the forum, I, too, need to lose 100lbs...a bit more if I'm honest but, a hundred seems a good goal!

You're doing well already, I would have shoved my whole face into that chocolate cake !!
Haha thanks everyone, just got back from zumba class which I'm only doing as I was doing it before I stRted this diet! I wish I could use my laptop as I have so much to write sometimes but it's long on my phone!

Drunk 2l of water so far will aim for 2.5 tomorrow and then 3l the day after. I feel like my organs are drowning haha.

Had the vanilla shake it was ok.. Going to try chocolate now and then attempt to have an early night because I feel exhausted!!!!

Hey your o your way!!! I'm so dreading the weekly shop but you've done yours lol thinking I might do it online save temptation to buy my crap!! Wil have to see how it goes!! Howmuch do u need to lose????? My buttkicking friend who is weighing me every week wasover 17 stone and got down to 10 so it can be done!she says prepare myself for feeling crap and wanting to eat my own arm lol can't wait!!
I'm on iPod so any dodgy spelling down to fat fingers lmao!!!
Add some coffee to the choccy ou vanilla shakes and ice cubes blended in really help!!!!
Good luck hunny keep at it!!!! Xxx
I want to lose 100lb too. Two weeks on and I'm 10% there - sounds nice like that. And I like seeing my frog hop!
Thanks kazz it's nice having someone starting around the same time!
Food shop was horrible but kept looking at slim people thinking that's going to be me soon!! haha

I'm finding ice in the shakes really helps! they aren't that bad really if I don't think about it when drinking them.

Had the banana shake for breakfast today so tried all flavours now they are all ok thank god! i was worried i would really hate one. I'm too scared to buy the soups though as I hate soup so I may hate fake soup too and don't want to waste my money!

Really trying to drink more water today, been in the garden with my toddler and watched him eating an ice lolly in the sun!! jealous or what! lol

I'm thinking of buying some ice lolly molds and pouring flavoured water in them to freeze..

mygoodnessme, you've done really good so far - well done!! i want to get a ticker as well when i have something to put on it :p
Ohh I love your models, where did you get them? Keep going, you're doing really well.
I will put a link up when on my laptop later :D they're good huh? Really motivating seeing the difference!

Had my chocolate shake for lunch was quite nice actually sitting in the sun with lots of ice in it :)

I'm not hungry today and sort if forcing myself to drink the shakes? Weird. I also feel good no headaches etc well I tell a lie I started getting a headache earlier and drank about .5l of water and it was gone in about 10 mins!!

That's another thing I'm really struggling to drink enough water and last night I kept waking up in the night to go loo which is really annoying when I have a baby waking me up the rest of the time lol I need as much sleep as possible! Lol

Drunk 1.5l of water so far need to try and get down at least another litre before bed time



really trying again!
Sounds like you are having a great start. I have in excess of 100lbs to lose sadly. Keep up the great work and let us know how you are getting on x
hiya... just wanted to say 100lbs is doable so best of luck hun x
Watching supersize vs superskinny and it's giving me more motivation!

Had a rubbish evening over something SO stupid. Kettle chips. Everyone was eating them and I LOVE them and I just started thinking this journey has only just started, how am I going to cope with weeks and months of not eating anything? and then if i DO manage i wont be able to eat the foods i love anyway :( i dont like ANY healthy foods, i can manage some fruits but vegetables make me vomit - i could spend all day eating chocolate and chocolate ice cream and lemon drizzle cake and kettle chips and burger king - XL bacon double cheeseburger with large chips and a diet coke. haha - i know i sound pathetic.

Oh well drinking my dinner - strawberry shake - can smell hubbys crispy chinese chicken :(

but it's ok - i just keep thinking another day closer to the first weigh in which im hoping will be fab and will motivate me!

nearly drunk 3l of water so far, will make sure i get to 3 before bed

Oops meant to post a link!

Here we go: http://www.mvm.com/cs/

I made one with my weight and then made one at my goal weight then put them next to each other on paint

Drunk my 3l! Woo xx


Padlocking the cookie jar
Congrats on getting off to a flying start!
Fingers crossed for a brilliant first weight in that will make thoughts of kettle chips etc. pale into insignificance!

Best of luck on your journey,
Thank you cookie xx

I'm absolutely freezing this morning all my hairs are on end and I've for goosebumps curled up on the sofa

I'm pretty sure I can't be in ketosis yet though as I was really hungry this morning

Drunk 1litre of water already though and it's only 10am! Yay

Haven't had my brekkie shake yet xxx

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