Cheat Meals


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Hey Guys

Do any of you have Cheat Meals at all?

I'm planning on doing one once a week-for Sunday Lunch (a Roast dinner with stuffing, yorkshires etc).

I'm planning on being pretty strict during the week (SF, soups & Salads)- so it's something to look forward too, just I fear Mr Tango might take his revenge on the Monday after.
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u can treat yourself hun. i do once a week. if i didnt i know i would give up. I eat steamed chicken with steamed potatoes, carrots, sweade and broccli . as long as you keep under your 15g of fat per meal you will have no side effects. you will be pleasently suprised on what you can actually eat while taking xenical . xx


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I have pizza on a Saturday night usually, just one out of the freezer but didn't this week and might try not to for next week. What I tell myself is I can have it if I want it but I can also choose not to have it... If you go over the fat though, you will probably get a visit from Mr T...


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For me I've got to stick to it cos if I don't I won't do it. Once I'm at goal I'll have Saturdays off..... Xx