Cheeselovers Diary


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Official weighing at SW , a new group and was very friendly , now have some hi fi bars, tried the mint one & it's very nice but I think I would rather have ryvitas or all bran , but useful to have when I've not had healthy B !!
This is week 3 for me as I've done 2 weeks at home and lost 6 lbs so far!
I haven't been having my syns , just the odd one or two so I've been advised to have them , it's a bit scary as obviously I want to see the lbs melt away !!
Let's see how they work for me !!
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Well week 5 now at home and 8.5lbs lost , week 3 for SW class & 2lbs lost in last week , shall just enter class weights I think less confusing !!

A lesson learnt today

I got on home scales this morning and they said I had gained 2lbs ?!? This had the following effect
1. I felt pissed off & demotivated !!
2. I thought well I knew long term that I would be the one person this wouldn't work for , my previous weight losses must have been a fluke !!
So I thought well that's me back to starvation land , I can only lose weight if I starve myself , blah blah blah !!!
3.,I'll go to class and she will look at me sympathetically and want to know what I've done wrong !?!
4. Shall I not go to class ?
5. Shall I not have my usual coffee before class with my friend !!

And on it went , so I went to class and low & behold , I've lost 1.5lbs !!!!! ??????

Enough said , get off the bloody scales at hone!!
All that doom& gloom for nothing !!!!
Feeling happy enough with that so I can carry in doing what I'm doing and eating well and losing weight !!
Phew !!!!!


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Hungry , at work and due to jaw injury have to eat soft diet for one month !!! Help !!!!


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S: 16st2lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 2st1lb(12.83%)
The jaw injury sounds painful. Can you eat things like banana for carbs etc and soups maybe?


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Downtown said:
The jaw injury sounds painful. Can you eat things like banana for carbs etc and soups maybe?

It's not painful just I have to do 1 month on a soft diet to rest it , no chewing gum , no using my front teeth to bite anything , even soft things !! No chewing meat etc , the more I think about it the more I realise I can't have , even my total fav jacket spud with crispy skin !!!
I have Physio to do too but haven't looked at the exercises yet , that's a treat for tonight !!
Can't even eat chopped apple as I'm not allowed to chew it , I'm going to have to bend a few rules and stew it !!!


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Yay , 2.5lbs off this week , that makes 10.6 since 2nd jan , very happy with that curiously this week have done very little exercise !?!???
Chicken & bacon hot pot for dinner this eve and some lovely sprouts & peas with it !! Yum yum x


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Well not been for weigh in this week as I had to work but secretly pleased to have missed it as I think by my scales I was up 1lb , not sure why as I've been100% but have had 2 weeks with very minimal exercise so could be that !
Not sure I will be able to redeem myself this week as I went out for a meal last night and had just what I wanted ,
Twice baked cheese soufflé

Fillet of brill with scallops & pesto risotto

And I ordered a pud just because I wanted a taste so I only had a couple of mouthfuls as I was sooo full!

Passion fruit tart with coconut sorbet & melting choc cookies !!

I had two mouthfuls of this & a mouthful of Ian's choc marquise , toffee ice cream & popcorn !!

Plus half a Tia Maria coffee , all syns gone I'm guessing but that's fine as I hardly ever use them !!

Zumba will have to help me dance it away !!


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The truth will out this morning !! Off to see Marjorie Daws at fat fighters !!!