Chelsea's charge to Goal!!!! (And beyond)

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  1. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Hi All,

    Well, I've been considering doing this for a few weeks as I have only about 10lbs to get to goal. I have to admit that it has been a struggle lately to stay motivated and also I am having a problem affording to stay on Cambridge. I have two packs left and have cancelled my appointment with my CDC tonight.

    What worries me is if I don't do a diary plotting my last 10lbs to goal and then beyond, I could end up right back where I started. I am hoping that the mods will let me stay on the maintenance thread, despite the fact that I am not now using the shakes. What I am doing though is following the 1000 plan in the book, just without the shakes. Gradually working up the plans to proper maintenance.

    So, assuming that this diary won't get moved, here we go:-

    Monday 29th June

    Can't weigh in today as I need new batteries for my scales at home. So I am going to say that my weight is like last week, 10st 10lbs.

    Breakfast. CD Apple & Cinnamon porridge

    Lunch. Small tin drained Tuna with some watercress, rocket and cucumber. Small green apple.

    Dinner will be white fish with some green veggies and the permitted portion of fruit.

    Evening snack. Some raspberries and strawberries.

    Plenty of water and black coffee in between.

    My mood is good today. Slept quite well last night, despite the heat. Hope you are all having a fab day today. Come on Andy Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
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  3. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    Lorrayne, I am looking forward to reading your diary too, we both have around the same amount to lose aswell.... I am also struggling to afford CD which is why I am doing 810 but cutting out a pack and having breakfast, so kind of doing it my way.... like you, I just really need to get to that goal, if I dont I will feel I have failed, we have come so far, we just need that little extra push...
  4. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member


    About time! hehe - So glad to see you post your diary on here :)

    Well done on the journey so far, and I wish you all the luck in the world for finishing the job.

    I am really beginning to think there should be a board for trying to follow CD in the Credit Crunch! - That's exactly how I'm feeling too because our finances are rubbishy too, and I'm having to do CD 1000-1200 on 1 CD shake a day, but if CDC says no then I will have to calorie count/switch to WW with CD terms (ie low carb, high protein etc) so I know how you're feeling with the money side of things.

    Sorry for the next array of questions, just curious really (esp for someone else who is having a tough time with following it with all the shakes etc). Are you going back to CDC at all, or are you just going to follow 1000 plan with no shakes? Are you going to replace the cals from the shakes with something else in the day? Also, just had a look at your menu for today(looks loveeely) - but if you're following 1000 plan - you need a bit more for breakfast unless your putting it in somewhere else in your day? Oh and a carb option too hun x
  5. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    Just had a second look - are you having the extra fruit with your dinner from the Brekkie option?
    If so, then it's just a carb option you've missed (I kept doing that) x
  6. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Good luck, I shall be following your progress :) xx
  7. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Thanks guys for the encouragement! I definitely need to be on here and doing a daily diary to help keep me at it. I have found reading everyone elses very educational.

    My carb option will be some couscous to go with the fish and salad tonight. Thanks for reminding me AlexMummy!!!

    I don't think I will be having any shakes at all, so could do with some advice as to what to have to replace them. So all you experts out there!!!! I just can't justify the expense anymore :cry:
  8. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    Looking at our finances too hun I'm following very much in your footsteps, we really do need to get our finances as best possible for the inevitable - in January, September seemed such a long time away, but now the clock is ticking away, and we are still starting the month on a - figure, so even to get to a 0 every month would be a start, but at the same time am terrified of not being able to finish the job too, and that's what makes me want to stick and just go to 1 CD meal a day...but thinking/sorting/finances it's still a minimum of £49 a month (on a 4 week) that could go towards helping us get back to some normality...hhmmm life isn't easy eh!

    Right here behind you though, so don't dip off this site, because esp if you're sorta doing the same as me then I'm very interested in how you're doing and what you're doing too! I know I still have lots more than you left to lose, but I'm still following.

    Keep going hun, it can be done :) xxx
  9. aussieraquel

    aussieraquel loving minimins!

    Welcome, good to see you on here lorrayne! :)
  10. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Tuesday 30th June

    Firstly, what a match last night?!!!!!!!!!!! I was exhausted at the end of it but well done Andy Murray for coming through it. Of course it meant that I had extra stawberries as I needed something to sustain me through it. It is so annoying as I can go through the day eating very little and then come the evening I get the munchies. Memo to self..........have some earlier nights :D

    Anyway, today the menu I had planned has gone out of the window. The snack wagon arrived at work and I just couldnt resist today. I had to buy a coronation chicken salad. It also had a sliced egg in it, a spoonful of sweetcorn, coleslaw and some lettuce. Hopefully not too disastrous!!!!! Not quite sure what to put on the calorie content though....... 300? There wasnt too much in the way of coronation chicken and it was in a small salad pot like you fill up in Sainsburys.

    I have also had an apple as a mid-morning snack.

    Breakfast. CD chocolate orange shake 140 cals

    Lunch. Salad and an apple (see above) 400 cals

    Black coffee and water

    Edit Oops!!! Met a friend in Starbucks at lunchtime and had a lite frappucino caramel thingy. Smack on wrists big time!!!!! Also just had a punnet of prawns, which worked out at 120 cals.

    I will fill the rest in later. I am not sure I like going back to having to think about food and working out calories :sigh:I am not the most creative person in the kitchen and tend to stick to the same old thing. Oh gawd, I hope I can do this!!!!!
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  11. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    Hi Lorrayne, strawberries are only 26 calories for 100g and you get quite a lot of strawberries for your 100g, so dont think you did too badly last night, unless you covered them in double cream of course, yesterday I really enjoyed my strawberries topped with the total 0% fat yoghurt with a quarter of a vanilla shake mixed in, you could also do it with chocolate which would be yum too...

    I bought a little book about 6 weeks ago, it fits in my handbag, and I have a small handbag, no way would you fit the kitchen sink in it, it is Collins gem Calorie Counter and it has tons of foodstuff with their calorie amounts, plus carb amounts too, and I have been checking it out for a few weeks now for when I am ready to move to cals only so I get an idea of the lower calorie and carb foods... may be worth getting a copy, mine came from W H Smiths and cost £3.99... you may also be able to pick up a low cal meals book from there too... give you some ideas... good luck for today, look forward to seeing your complete menu...
  12. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Thanks babe, I will look out for one of those books in WH Smiths!!!!!
  13. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Thank you Aussie. I've been keeping up with all of your progress too and decided that as I was so close, I would join you all. ;)
  14. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Tuesday 30th June cont'd/......

    Naughty naughty - I went out (on a date) last night......whoooooooooooooooo so I had to have a couple of glasses of rose wine and I also opted for a chicken caesar salad, so not bad choices but would have taken me over the 1000 calorie mark. When I got home I had a few strawberries and some blueberries. Not a bad day exactly but not strictly a good one either. What pleases me though is the choice of food and the fact that I only wanted two glasses of wine. Six months ago that would not have happened lol
  15. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    Wow, congrats on the date and sticking to healthy eating whilst out, 2 glasses of wine is not too bad, I haven't had alcohol since before I started CD as I was on Atkins for 4 weeks before that, so thinking end of Feb, the inlaws are over from Australia and I am sure they are going to buy wine or something when they visit us, was going to tell them we dont drink anymore, not really sure how I will deal with it until it happens, we are also seeing them Sunday in London and I expect they will want to meet in a bar or restaurant, I will def stick to diet coke then though.
  16. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    It is difficult isn't it but if you are really worried about having alcohol you could always tell them you are on antibiotics and not allowed to drink. Most people understand that and would not force it or question it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do xx
  17. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Well I'm totally cheesed off with myself. I eventually found somewhere to obtain these lithium batteries needed for my scales and I'm now thinking WHY DID I BOTHER?????????? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have not been particularly good and also because of the heat my feet and legs have really swollen. They always do, every summer and they look hideous. Well, the scales are telling me that I have gained 5lbs in a week so now I have only lost 26lbs since starting CD in February. Why is this so hard? I don't want to go running back to CD and having 3 shakes a day again. I should surely be able to just make healthy choices and stick to 1000 calories? This just feels like this is going to be one battle that is going to go on and on and on forever and I am so depressed at the thought of that. Feel like giving up.........totally
  18. aussieraquel

    aussieraquel loving minimins!

    Lorrayne, I have days where I feel exactly the same trust me. But we can do it, this is all about learning to make the right choices but also enjoying our food. I dont know about you but most of my battle is emotional, which then leads me to food. Chin up, you have come so far, you can do it!
  19. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Thanks Aussie, I am such a nut. I knew that a lot of that would be fluid retention because my feet and ankles were really swollen. I weighed myself first thing this morning and I was 10 stone 12, so I had lost 3lbs overnight and it means just (?) a gain of 2lbs - so not too disastrous!!! I just love to beat myself up it seems. I was calling myself all the fat, useless &[email protected] going last night. It has got to stop but how???

    Hope you have a fab day in the hot sunshine, must make you feel like you are back home lol x
  20. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    hi Chelsea, welcome to the maintenance bit, its a great section, i love reading everyones diaries and keeping my own to keep me sane!!

    Don't stress about the water gain, alcohol & hot weather = water gain on scales, i'm up 2lb too on my scales today after a large drinky night out Tues and then this weather, it'll settle down again.

    I'm a wimbledon fan too, been loving the murray matches, looking forward to Friday!!

    Have a great day!

  21. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Aw thanks Lelly. I have had a sort of good day, up until the ice cream man arrived at work ....doh!!! I had some strawberries - 200g - for breakfast

    Lunch - Tuna salad

    Snack - I apple and a small banana

    Another snack - 1 dark chocolate Magnum - very nice!!! (270 cals) :eek:

    Dinner. Tin Tuna and a bar or chocolate!!! OMG why do I do it?

    I am loving the tennis and can't wait for tomorrow's match. I have been so nervous, can you imagine what it will feel like if Andy Murray makes the final? I will be chewing my nails up to my elbows!!!!
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