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Chewing Gum and metabolism


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I hve heard that too. Not sure why it does though. Also heard that chewing you food more times than you usually would tricks the brain in to thinking you are full. May just be a load of rubbish though!
I was thinking it sounds a little too good to be true.

We'd had a few beers at the time and one friend pointed out that cows spend their life chewing and they're pretty fat! Not exactly conclusive - but the jury's still out!


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I chew it a lot as I find it takes the edge off any cravings!
However, I think it's meant to make you feel hungrier if anything - chewing food is the beginning of the digestive process, so it's gets all your systems running to prepare for food but then none comes...if that makes sense.
I know that, but nothing conclusive haha. I've been told it makes you hungrier though =)

As for the chewing more food, I think thats probably just because it gives you time to realise if you're full/still hungry. It takes a while for your brain to clock that you aren't actually hungry anymore, so if you're chucking it down, you'll have finished everything in sight before it can realise! Never works for me though!


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Chewing your food is definitely better for you. I can't remember the science behind it, but there is truth in it. Also, chewing gum is good as it does fool your body. It realises all the saliva which is the beginning of the digestive procedure and the more saliva (I think) the better as it somehow does trick your body into thinking it's eaten and is therefore full....Like I say though, not sure of all the science behind it.

Good luck

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