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Chewing gum?


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Hi All,

Just had a thought. when I was on LL we were not sllowed chewing gum but when I moved over to CD, the CDC told me I was.

Is this any sort of sugar free chewing gum? As over the last 2 weeks or so, I have been having quitea bit of that Trident dugar free strawberry and lime flovour. OH has had it too and it has not effected his CD weight loss but I have had really small ones the last two weeks.

Could this be the reason?

Also, even though I am on SS, I had one chicken Breast (Nothing else!) from the hot deli bit in sainburys. I didnt eat he skin but surely this is not going to be the reason for only 1lb lose, and 2 the week before (before I had chicken!)

Just gone to the chemist and brought some ketone stix and it shows I am not in ketosise? When I was on LL the result were sometimes a bit iffy though.

What do you think? sory to go on but it would be so nice if I could just get a reason! I have always been between 2.5 and 2.5 EVERY week before, so cant undersatnd it happening now!

thank you!
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from what i can gather the flavoured gum must have citric acid in it, which would knock you out of ketosis...

i found out earlier we can have sugar free gum but i think it would only be mint flavour


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This is a bit of a gray area to be honest. I asked the same question. The fruit flavoured gums all tend to contain citric acid which we can't have as it may knock us out of ketosis. Some people have said that they have it and it has not had an effect but i'd rather be safe than sorry........

Why not give it up and see if it makes a difference? If not then at least you know it's not the gum reducing the losses.


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Gum is now inthe bin! Just hope it is this!

Thanks guys!
Does the ingredient list actually say the word citric acid or is it under some other guise? Only I have a packet of Wrigleys Orbit complete peppermint sugarfree gum in front of me and I can't actually see the words citric acid on the ingredients list


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i'm thinking of the strawberry and lime flavourings etc. having citric acid in hun... i think the peppermint should be fine xx
i was told by my cdc not to have no gum, i went a bought loads the other day but she said not to have any flavour!


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see i was told by my cdc if your worried about your breath have 4 chews then spit it out...

but on here this morning it has been said that sugarfree is fine... not that i have had any cos i think chewing makes me hungry and i've got my breath spray if i am that bothered...
Use the alcohol and sugar free breath freshener spray from bodycare £1.29 its lovely. but be careful its looks identical to the menthol shaving oil - i was usin that for a week before OH realised lol!

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