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Peel and par boil the potatos. Whilst waiting for them to boil, spray a baking sheet with Fry Light and bung that in the oven (I do mine on 200, don't know what the Gas Mark would be) Once boiled, spread out on baking sheet, spray with Fry Light and cook for 30 - 45 minates. When I do chips, I don't peel the spuds, and slice them thinnly, so only take half hour, whereas spuds take longer. Give em a whirl!:)


Fighting the bulge
I LOVE slimming world roasties and wedges, last night i made wedges out of new potatoes with the skins on and OH was asking me where i bought them from!! haha

I usually par boil them so that they are nearly cooked then drain and dry them (this makes them crispy when cooked) then spray with frylight and season with salt, pepper, paprika or whatever you want and whack them in the oven on the highest heat. I just check them every now and again and take them out when they look nice and crispy - usually 30 minutes ish.

I do the same for spuds but only season them with salt!!

not tried yet claire i work evenings so its too late when i get home.
day off 2moz so im gonna give them a go
im gonna make a chicken curry n chuncky chips
for chips i too leave the skins on, heat a tray in oven, par boil for 5 mins, drain and let dry briefly, spray tray with fry light, tip onto tray, season with salt and spray with fry light, cook on 200 for 35-40 mins

Wedges - leave skins on and cut in to 8 wedges per potato ( i find smaller potatoes work better (a large egg size)) put in bowl sray with fry light and what ever seasoning you like ( i use schwartz fajita mix) and mix. tip into pan and cook at 200 35- 40 mins - I DONT PAR BOIL WEDGES

i usually add paprika or chinese five spice to mine. anyway my cooker is tempermental so it can take Ages for it to cook. :grumble: and i just end up :eatdrink023: i about a few moments by the time they are ready. :(


Fighting the bulge
Its on the bargains thread that pound land have chip trays (for £1 - hahaha)

They are like a mesh tray which means they get evenly cooked without turning them, i have one and they make them fantastically crispy and cook quicker!!

Im sure you can get them in supermarkets too xxx
im craving chips chips n chips now with all this talk lol
does anyone have any idea how 2 make a version of salt n pepper chips similar 2 the ones from a chinese takeaway ???
I love SW chips and wedges and roasties and yesterday cut potatoes in cubes and sprinkled with curry powder for bombay potatoes !

I rarely par boil them but oten pop them in the micro for 2 to 3 mins and then toss them in frylight and paprika or a crumbled oxo


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