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Chocolate buttons.


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I have a confession to make :sigh:. A chocolate button happened to fly into my mouth at approx 11.30 this mornin, and I am horrified to say I spat the said choccy button out. I cannot believe I did this heinous act (spitting choccy out), but it just goes to show how much my tastebuds have changed, and that it didn't give me the same pleasure as before. It tasted funny, can't describe exactly, so my kids easter eggs are safe, can't believe I've just said that. Well I just thought I'd share my gobsmacked amazement, and I don't think I'm going to be craving it for the time being. xx;)
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weighs a lot less
dont beat yourself up its only one button and i agree chocolate doesnt taste that good xx
fifi awwww your naughty! I knew somebody would slip and fifi it was you tut tut tut:rolleyes: Now you can stay behind and write out a thousand times 'thou will not consume choccy buttons'
Ps it must have been a bit nice:p xx
A slap on the wrists for me. I ate a whole easter egg in one sitting. Obviously my eating habits havent changed , if i go straight back on it do you think I might not gain weight ??? :cry:
No you will gain 20lb at least STOP IT :confused:


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OMG :eek: Novice a whole egg.... you cant do that!!! Did you not feel sick? I would feel so guilty?
I do wonder do people cheat alot on LT? I honestly havent but wonder am I taking it too seriously!!
No Skinny your doing fine, stick at it. Dont you play with them naughty ones your a good girl;) x


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I broke off a miniscule piece of egg yesterday and it tasted awful. All chocolate is safe from me now! When I did LT before I ate a digestive bisciut. Now that really is foul. All I could taste was solidified fat and nastiness! Took a month before I could actually eat one again, which is why I am doing CD 18 months later..... Keep on remembering what it really tastes like when you have a clean palate, then you won't have to keep on spending out on CD!
Awe, I feel worse now !
Tomorrow is a new day , I will be good, promise.
I bet I'm not the only one or am I ???
I cant help it , I'm a chocaholic :cry:
Lol fi what are you like?! No more xxx
Now come here:hug99: and be good x
Dont worry novice new day tomorrow hun xx


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I'm doing my thousand lines

I'm actually quite pleased that I had this slip up cos I was scared of finishing this diet and going straight back to old habits, things might smell gorgeous but the taste yuk!. I'm going to be a good girl now and stick to it religiously, as for the thousand lines garry gave me, I'm half way through, sorry does that mean detention!!:eek:


Back on the wagon!
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Think we all had a total slip over the course of the diet...getting back on the wagon is the most important bit!!
Thanks all. Yes today is a new day and I'm so happy I'm back on track ! Didnt sleep too well lastnight after all that choc, it wasn't worth. The main thing is I've learnt from it :)
Good girls, now come here and give me a hug :D
Any oppertunity to get close to a woman lol :D
But anyway, here you go :hug99:
Fat to thin, did you ever have a blip ?? seeing as your on this programme quite a while
I honestly can swear on my mothers life no I have'nt, wanted to, yeah course I have:p x

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