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    CHRISR Gold Member


    I'm back after having a mega blip with Dukan....... Totally my own fault I love how the regime works. But with life and its ups and downs and all that, my dukan resolve up and went. So I'm back.......... not getting too worried about what the scales say I'm just going to do my very best with the help of my very good MM friends who never gave up on me. I will be able to tell how I'm doing with my snug size 14 is no longer!

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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Yay, there's a lot to be said for a fresh start and a brand new slate :D :D

    P x
  4. trudyc

    trudyc Gold Member

    New thread, loving it Mrs R!!! Here's to a great Dukan day, hope your muffins are baked and the fridge is sorted and if not that you have a plan!!! LOL! xxxx
  5. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    New Diary, New start Happy new year Chris. Let the size 14s become loose in no time xxx Come on let the show begin xxx
  6. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Gold Member

    New year new diary xx

    CHRISR Gold Member

    thank you to all you lovely people ...........

    5 days muffins baked, fridge repair man coming on Tuesday (fingers x he can repair it then) some dukan shopping to be done tomorrow before my hospital appointment so its going to be all dukan fine. Tonight is a roast dinner so looking forward to that. I'm going to do a dukan menu plan for this week, MrR loves my dukan meals so he will be one happy bunny. Not sure if the 3 lodgers will think so, but they have two choices yeh or neh LOL
  8. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Gold Member

    Eat it or starve.... That's my motto
  9. Vampyra

    Vampyra Full Member

    Lancashire lass eh? Oooh liking the piccie of Pendle. I live up Manchester Rd in Burnley and work in Clitheroe. whereabouts are you?

    Just started as a newbie last Thursday and looking forward to being a loser! Lol.

    Good luck with your plan, youndid it before so you'l do it again. i lost a stone with Go Lower but ive switched to Dukan and hoping to lose at least another. :)
  10. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    my yongest son lived in Clitheroe and a small village called Chatburn lovely area xxx
  11. Jojo25

    Jojo25 Gold Member

    Loving the new start diary Chris x
  12. trudyc

    trudyc Gold Member

    Good day then Chris, well done lovely, be easier to stick to plan when your back at work too and into the routine!!! Hope hospital appointment goes okay and your poor feet get better...... I am feeling sooo full tonight - really uncomfortable - not sure why I ate so much but I did - all Dukan good but lordy need to get in my PJ's!!!! LOL!
  13. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

  14. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    Hi thank you Vampyra

    I live between Wigan and Chorley.

    Think I've been to a fabric shop in Burnley (an old methodist church) the other week. the only time I've ever been to Burnley.
  15. Vampyra

    Vampyra Full Member

    Oh not sure where that fabric shop is. will ask other half and see if he knows, hes Burnley born and bred. Im from Stafford originally but been up here a while. Unfortunately Burnley shopping area has become a bit of a ghost town these days.

    Look forward to reading your posts, good luck on your return. :happy036:
  16. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Hi, I'm subscribing to your new diary Chris.

    Pleased to e-meet you :)

  17. trudyc

    trudyc Gold Member

    Hope you have a good first day back at work Chris....... onwards and downwards for us Dukan gals....... xxxx
  18. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    Thanks T I'm hopefully back tomorrow - hosp appt this morning with my painful feet! :)
  19. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    p.s T have a good day off :D
  20. trudyc

    trudyc Gold Member

    OF COURSE today is the day - be brave my MM friend - xxxx
  21. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    Yes I will be, even if the pain is worse it will only be for a short while and can't be as bad as what I have to put with on a daily basis. Fingers and everything else crossed it works I want to get my walking boots on and walk 10 miles up the canal like I did last year with MrR.

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