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Christies food diary..new start, new me!!

9.8.10 extra easy

breakfast - 4 slices bacon (fat removed) egg fried in frylight and beans - (all free)

snack - banana, orange, mullerlight yoghurt (free)

lunch - batchelors pasta n sauce brocolli&mild cheese with side salad & an apple - (1/2 syn for pasta n sauce)

dinner - gammon with 2 potato cakes (in fridge and need eaten) with large side salad & 1tbsp ex light mayo- (free & 1 syn for ex light mayo & 6 syns for 2 potato cakes)

snacks - orange & pineapple, 2 slices of nimble with tsp low fat spread (free, hexb and 1.5 syn for low fat spread)

(syns - 8.5/15)


green day

breakfast - 2 slices nimble (hexb) with "fried" egg & beans - (free)

snack - roast chicken mugshot x2- (free)

lunch - homemade vegetable soup (free) 2 slices of nimble toasted(hexb) with 28g cheese (hexa) peppers, tomato & onion & 2 tbsp hellmans ex light mayo (1 .5syn)

snack - banana, orange, shape zero yoghurt - (free)

dinner - 2 large baked potatoes (free) with 28g cheddar (hexa) and side salad (free)

snack - breakaway biscuit - (5.5syns)

(total syns - 7/15)

11.8.10 extra easy

Breakfast – 2 slices nimble with egg fried in frylight (hexb & free)

Snack – banana, apple & orange (free)

Lunch – chicken n mushroom pasta n sauce with side salad & shape zero yoghurt (free)

Snack – breakaway biscuit(5.5 syns)

Dinner – chicken with stirfry vegebtables, fresh chillies, fresh garlic & soy sauce seasoned with chilli & garlic powder, 1 slice garlic bread (free & 5 syns)

(milk used in coffee/tea throughout the day, hexa)#

(total syns - 10.5/15)
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12.8.10 extra easy

Breakfast – 2 slices bacxon, egg & 2 slices of nimble (free & hexb)

Snack – orange, banana, apple & pineapple (free)

Lunch – pasta with passata chopped tomatoes peppers onion bacon fresh chillies & fresh garlic & garlic n chilli powder with a side salad (free) shape zero yoghurt (free)

Dinner – stuffed mushroom stuffed with chicken savoury rice with sw chips seasoned with chilli & garlic with side salad and 1 tbsp ex light mayo (free & 1 syn)

250ml semi skimmed milk (hexa)

(Total syns – 1/15 syns)

(out 2nte for a drink, have 33 syns to use since Monday, dont usually save syns but as im out for a drink thought it would be best too! Will stick to vodka :) )
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13.8.10 extra easy

breakfast - 3 slices bacon egg and 2 slices nimble (hexb & free)

snack - apple & orange (free)

lunch - chicken n mushroom pasta n sauce and sum fresh beetroot (free)

snack - ww peanut bar (5 syns)

dinner - 2 baked potatoes with bacon & 28g cheese with mixed side salad & 1tbsp ex light mayo (free, hexa & 1 syn)

snack - (havent decided yet wil update later :) )

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