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Christmas Challenge?

Just wondered if anyone else had set Christmas as a target date? I find having a target keeps me motivated and have decided to lose 2 stone for Christmas. Normally I say I am going to try and lose 2 stone but I am not going to try I am going to do it!!

I weigh in on a Monday at a RC class. Week one has gone ok (so far) although I have only managed walking as exercise as I have been v busy. I try and walk at least 30mins at a lunchtime but want to include some DVDs in during the week.

Not sure how the weekend will go as I am staying at a friends and we are apparently having Takeaway. Not sure the best way to tackle that hurdle! Any ideas?

Gem x
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Hi, I'll join you on the Christmas challenge, I also want to lose around two stone by then, and if I'm more active I know I can do it!

I have no clue about the takeaway situation though, sorry! Not sure what's a sort of "safe bet". I'm sure someone else here can help you out though :)

*Goes off to make a Christmas target ticker*
I will join you on your challenge! I am going on holiday just before christmas.... but i am going to hong kong and the food there is lush! so not sure i will keep it off for long!

I had to go for a 3 course meal yesterday at a thai restaurant last night - that was temptation. Kept the calories down by having the hot & sour soup starter and thai beef salad for main (and no pudding) and i didnt really feel left out - as my food was so nice.

Depends what take-away are you getting? XX
18 weeks away if you loose 2lbs a week thats 2.5 stone .. it is possible!!

im aiming for 3 stone rather ambitious but im gunna work myself like crazy!!

im 16 stone 2 now i wanna be at least 13 and half stone.. by Xmas..

=D good look everyone!!
I'm aiming for 2lb a week for the first couple of months then I know it is more likely to be 1lb a week.

Still not sure what sort of take-away is planned for sat night, if it is an Indian I think I'll go for a chicken tikka tandorri (sp) as this is dry with no sauce with boiled rice and try and avoid naan bread and popadoms.

Wine might be my downfall!

Good luck to you I'm sure we can do it!

Gem x
i'm in too, gonna aim for 18lbs as thats a pound a week, weigh day for me is a friday. sts this week so got to shift something this week-pity we are going to bbq tonight!!
I'll join and I am aiming on 30lbs by christmas and that will make 4 and 1/2 stone in total. My weigh in day is Thursday....
Oooh sounds like a great idea, I'm in with 2 stone before Xmas. I've been using friday as weigh-in if I can wait that long ;)

That would put me halfway to where I want to be, thinking Feb might not be as realistic as I'd hoped a as goal date.
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Awh can Miss Jelly join in? She could do with a motivational kick up the backside :) I've been going to the gym and swimming at least 5 times a week but this week I've been rather...naughty exercise-wise. Hoping that it'll still pay off on the scales at weigh in though (in..3 days!)

Think I'm gonna go for 3 stone too.. Ambitious yea, but it'll make me work my butt off (literally I hope :p)

That gives me 19 weigh-ins (last would be 30th dec) making it 2.5 lbs a week :) I think that's managable, right?

Can I join too?

Not starting til next week though..

Need to do this for my own self esteem, just separated from my husband and made redundant too. Got to do something for me now..lol:cool:
Def the more the merrier!

Lost a pound this week (my weigh day is a Monday) which is at least in the right direction. Had a great weekend with friends so not too suprised it wasn't more. Didn't have a takeaway in the end but did indulge in pud and lots of wine as well as going to frankie and benny's for lunch on the Sunday.

Plan for this week is to up the exercise.

Now need to figure out how to update my ticker!

Hope everyone else is on track. Good luck.

Gem x
Glad you had a good weekend, and well done for the loss, impressive seeing as you were eating out, that's always my downfall!

i'm doing good this week, I weigh in on Friday, so fingers crossed it's a loss. I was having 1200 cals up til this week, and I've been reading more and realised it's better to have around 1500, so that's what I've been aiming for this week. So far, so good. Hope the scales agree on Friday morning!
Got a new Chrimbo ticker :D

I think you are right to have a have a few more cals. If you have too little your body goes into starvation mode and will hold on to everything and it you have a few more you are more likely to stick to it and not have a massive binge.

Just had my morning banana. It was very lovely a little one from Aldi. Find big 'uns a bit too much, bananas that it. LOL

Oh well better get some work done before the boss comes in.

Gem x
lol! Do you ever find bananas make the roof of your mouth hurt? Or is that just me? Doesn't put me off them though, haha.

I need to make a move too, should really be getting ready!

Hi Jane,

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say the more the merrier!

Welcome to the boards too :)
Thank you will update on here once I start...x


The Weight Loss Monster
Count me in. Two stone by Christmas sounds ideal and a group of us supporting each other HAS to be better than doing it on our own. :)

Good luck everyone!

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