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Ciara's 'This time it's serious' diary

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Not really sure what to say on here but here goes...

I'm Ciara. 26. Have been battling with my weight ohhh most of my life i'd say. I've tried several diets but was never 100% committed for some reason or other.

In December I finally plucked up the courage to go speak to my Dr who has been so great and supportive. I started reductil and lost just under a stone. This is now banned and was given xenical. I wasn't keen on this as i've heard such horror stories about it but after finding this forum i've decided to give it a go.

Am now on day 4 and so far it's not been bad. I had too much fat yesterday (need to learn to read labels correctly!!) so have had a few side effects today but i'm going to keep going!

This forum has been great and a real encouragement. I dont think I would have started if it wasn't for hearing the success stories.

OK i'm really rambling now. I've never written an online diary before so am hoping this will keep me going when motivation is lacking and cravings are taking over!

My first goal is to lose anything this week and really get my head around low fat meals!

C :)
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Welcome to the Xenical family... we are all a bunch of nutters (well i know i can speak for some... lol)

we are a close knit family, and we are all here to help.....

hope you get along ok and that reading the labels becomes easier (it will in time)

if you dont mine me asking, how much ahve you got to lose...

i also am 26... and i had 6-7 stone to lose, and im 2 and a half down... (wishing i was closer to three... but we will see..)

where abouts are you located... me im near oxford...

hope you are well. and if you need anything just ask!
Hi, Ciara and welcome. We are all here to help and support each other, you have made all the right changes so keep it up! As Kes says, it becomes much easier once you get into the way of it and the side effects will subside, unless you're naughty! (And we all do that from time to time) That is what is great about these pills, you live in fear of the side effects and so don't eat anything that I likely to bring them on, over time you find that your whole menu has changed so leading to a healthier you. Good luck and keep posting, and rambling, we all do it!

KB x
Hi Kes & Kitty. Thanks for posting. I'm up in the Highlands of Scotland and have a lot to lose. I read on a thread here the best thing to do is to take it 7lb at a time which makes it seem less daunting if that makes sense.

Just had my first weigh in and have lost 7lbs :) So have gone from 314 to 307lbs.

Feels good to say goodbye to the 22's! Also had a good moment, our old scales go up to 22st so it wouldn't read my weigh and I bought new ones but today for the first time in a long time it actually read my weight. That might sound strange but I feel its a mini accomplishment and a big boost.

So, March goals.
  • Would love to get =/- than 300lb.
  • Take the dog for a walk 4 times a week, at least 2 times have to be on the longer beach
  • Drink more water based drinks and less fizzy juice
I feel just a couple of goals will do for now as if I add a lot i'm less likely to do them.

Decided to take up jewellery making again. Was having major chocolate cravings last night so dug out my old beads and made a few things. Forgot how much fun it is so figure this will keep me busy!

Hope everyone has a great week

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Hi Ciara, that all sounds really positive and really well done on the 7 pounds, great motivation to keep it going. Your goals all look very achievable, changing to water or sugar free squash will make you feel much better. Must make my goals a little more realistic this month. We can do this!

KB x
thanks KB - we can do this! slow and steady wins the race (hmm is that the right saying?!)
hello all im all new to this i started last monday and had a weighin tonight and lost 7lbs :D.... im sticking to a low fat,, low calorie diet and so far it all been good no nasty side affects :sign0007: !!
Hi Ciara, and welcome :)
Sounds like you're off to a great start with the Xenical - long may it continue :)
I like your goals, especially the fact that they're realistic, and that they're not all scale-focussed. Obviously, we're all in this for the weight-loss, but things like drinking more water, and taking longer walks are things we can acheive and feel good about without judging our success on the scales.


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well done on the loss!!!!
you are doing so well!
Thanks guys :)

Had a trying day yesterday. We usually get lunch from the local shop on Mondays so everyone got pasties and I resisted :) Stuck with my tuna sandwich. Then got home and parents had fish suppers :drool: was very tempted to have a few chips but didn't (thought of side effects was enough!!) so am feeling quite chuffed.

Going to take the dog for a walk when I get home. Going to aim for the longer beach as its such a beautiful day.

Have a great day all


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well done on resisting on both occasions yesterday! bet you are well chuffed with yourself!!!

hope that you are able to get out on the beach today, its such a lovely day, and cant believe im not out there on the beach!


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hey love,
hows it going. Not heard from you in a while!!!!
Hi Kes! thanks for popping by. hope you are well.

Good grief its been a while since i've been here. I have been away with work for the last week and as we were always eating out so haven't been taking the pills. Then was daft and ate more bad things than good so have regained back some of what I lost grr! :rolleyes:

But i'm getting back on track now. I'm going to London and Paris in September for work so really going to do my best to keep motivated and on track.

Did manage to get to the beach for half an hour today before the rain came so thats a bonus.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
just wanted to pop by and say hi, been reading a few diaries and yours has caught my eye.. namely because we have started at roughly the same weight and the same age!
im sure the few pounds that have gone on, will soon disappear with you back on track. i have only just started but hoping i can have a first week weigh in that is sucessful!! xx
hi littlemiss :wavey:
thanks for popping in! Best of luck with your first week! always good to meet someone in a similar position.
Going to start keeping a food diary. Think this will make it easier to keep track of food I eat. So today..

Breakfast: fruit smoothie. Not entirely sure of fat content as it was just fruit and one yoghurt. must check

Lunch: Aromatic rice with veg. 2.7g of fat per 100g. 3.4g fat had in total. Had it with a bit of skinless chicken

Snack: tesco forest fruit bar. 2.7g per 100g of fat. 0.7g per bar
glass of diet irn-bru

Dinner: home made sweet and sour turkey with some rice. can't remember exact figures but all were under the 5g per 100g rule

1 x jelly pot fat nil.

think i did ok today :)
i am finding a food diary helps. i am recording it all down in a little book with the calorie and fat content.
like seeing what other people eat tho to give me some ideas as i sometimes get stuck in a rut and eat the same things, which is when i get cravings.

your food for today seems right on track. keep at it :) xx
I like seeing what others eat too. I get bored easily so trying to avoid falling into a rut.
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