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Cinderzxx food diary... back on the wagon...


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G: 12st0lb
...but not sure for how long!! Argh! why cant i just DO THIS!! am such a PIG at the moment the lbs are just creeping up and up.... so have decided to properly record in here what im eating... and properly plan and try and make sure i eat more during the day rather than skipping meals and then binging at night....

so here goes...

Day 1: Green Day
B: ReadyBrek (HexB) with semi skimmed milk (HexA) and tsp jam (1 syn)

L: Pasta with tuna (Hex B) and sweetcorn, and extra light mayonnaise (1.5syns)

D: 2 Quorn Burgers (1 syn) 2 poached eggs and baked beans with ketchup (1syn)

Snack: Muller light vanilla

now i must go to bed before i start EATING things!!!!

night all xx
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G: 12st0lb
Day two...

... havent caved yet!
Green Day

B: Ready Brek (HexB) with semi skimmed milk (HexA) and 1tsp Jam (1syn) *Didnt eat this this morning wasnt hungry... so might save it for an evening snack later after spinning class!!*

L: Tesco light choices cheese and tomato pasta bake (2syns) 3 light babybell (HexA)

D: ... turns out i think im going to have my readybrek that i didnt eat earlier for dinner and then have nice soak in bath before my unfit legs sieze up hahaha...
not a great day eating wise, but am glad i had that pasta at lunch time thats kind of a "proper" meal...
was going to eat chickpea dahl but think bit late at night for spicy food... and also realised that its 200cals per 1/2 can!! eeek... so thatd be 400 if i ate the whole can (get me - i can count! hehe)...

400cals seems a bit much for just a can of that? not sure im happy about eating it even if it is free....
maybe half a can tomorrow with some rice or something... will see xx
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G: 12st0lb
Day 3

Green Day

B: 2 Alpen light bars (HexB)

snack: Danone activia f/f yoghurt

L: 1/2 can Asda chickpea dahl
(cant beleive I havent tried this sooner its so yummy!... and freee!!)

D: Chilli Con Carne made with quorn mince, tinned tomatoes, chilli powder, onions, garlic, pepper, red kidney beans, tomato puree (1or 2 syns?) and 0% Total yoghurt (yumyum)
with a baked potato and 42g low fat cheddar (HexA)

hit the spot nicely after some lengths in the pool... yum yum :) xx
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G: 12st0lb
Day 4

Havent lasted this long in ages!... just hope i can hold it together for the weekend! :)

Green Day
B: Danone activia f/f yoghurt. 1 Alpen Light Bar (1/2 Hex B)

L: 1/2 can Asda Chickpea Dahl

Snack: Alpen light bar (1/2 HexB) and some melon

D: Quorn chilli with some pasta 42g low fat cheddar (HexB)

have noticed im not really eating much fruit on green (seem to eat more on red)... so off shopping tomorrow to find some fruity goodies :)

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G: 12st0lb
Day 5

Hmmm have had a few wobbly "i want to eat crap" moments today... but am still here still slimming world friendly! :)

even going to pass on a few glasses of wine later ... will have soft drinks i think... would rather use the syns on chocolate hahaha

anyway... todays eatings...

Extra Easy (I think)

B: Nothing...

Brunch/Lunch: 2 Quorn burgers (1 syn) with poached egg, grilled mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes with ketchup (1 syn)

D: Didnt end up having anything for dinner so will have to save my cheese meatballs for another time... got back so late from friends house that I didnt feel like eating... and managed not to cave in and have WINE...

Somethigns wrong here!! :)

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G: 12st0lb
Day 6

Not sure what day yet....tummy not feeling right today... bit bloated think i need to give myself a rest from green days and lots of pasta... have noticed I havent eaten much fruit doing green... so will have to work on that this week...
Might do extra easy today then I can have pork and dry roast potatoes and veg for dinner... ?

so far...

B: Crumpet with margarine 6syns (actually think it may have been this thats started my bloated belly off :( )

1 satsuma
some grapes

Didnt feel much better in the eve so had a hot chocolate 8.5syns and 1 go ahead slice thingie, not sure how many syns is in that? xx
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G: 12st0lb
Day 7 - meant to be a Red day but not sure what day it ended up!!

B: Alpen light bar (1/2 Hex B) with fat free danone vanilla yoghurt

L: 1 Satsuma 1 plum (not hungry)

D: Had a go at making cheese meatballs (cheese- Hexa) but then didnt fancy them much so just had a couple of them... and a bowl of allbran (HexB) (Hex A)

going to weigh tomorrow see what ive lost since last weds argh!!


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G: 12st0lb
well yesterday I think ended up being a bit Extra Easy (because of dinner) but I didnt plan my meals very well to make the most of an EE day! here it is:

B: 42g Allbran (HexB) with milk (HexA)

L: Satsuma, 2 plums, fat free yoghurt

D: Chicken cooked in tomato sauce (tinned tomatoes, passata, 2tsp sweetener, onions, peppers, garlic, worcester sauce, basil, paprika, and 1tsp tomato puree (1syn)) with cous cous and vegetables
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G: 12st0lb
5th August

Extra Easy

B: Fat free danone activia with Alpen Light Bars (HexB)

L: Chicken in tomato sauce (left over from last night) with cous cous

Snack: Satsuma, plum

D: Baked Potato with cheese (Hex A 42g low fat cheddar) and Beans. Margarine (1 syn)
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G: 12st0lb
6th August

Green Day

Omg... have just realised... havent had any chocolate for 10 whole days... aaaaaargh!!! hehe... god do i want some right now!!! but am saving some syns for weekend away...and maybe FISH AND CHIPS!! :eek:

anyway... todays eating...

B: 1/4 Cantaloupe melon
F/F Danone activia peach yoghurt

L: Didnt have time to sort out a proper lunch this morning...(oopsie!) so having some Allbran (HexB) with milk (HexA) and splenda

2 kiwi fruit

D: SW free onion Bahjis... and dip from 0% total yoghurt and mint with savory rice
1/4 cantaloupe melon

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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
If you want a little chocolate, then you can get chocolate and toffee aplen light bars, 2 are 1 HEXB, they are lush and have quite a lot of chocolate in them!

Food diary is looking good mate :D


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G: 12st0lb
Thanks hunny :)
havent seen those ones :), usually just have the apple and sultana ones... will keep my eye open!
was looking at syns last night for "real" chocolate... nearly had some but was pretty sure i wouldnt be able to stop myself eating the lot so held off...


G: 12st0lb
Ooooo dear... did not have a good weekend... was bit naughty...(scone with cream and jam, and cake, and bbq that i went to with all the best red day intentions in the world but ballsed it up a bit)...
the weekend spilled over into monday and tuesday too.... eeek
but am going to kick my a** back into it with a few days of SE...

Wednesday- Success express

B: fat free danone activia peach with fruit

L: Allbran with s.skimmed milk (hexA / hexB) 2 plums, 1/4 galia melon

D: chicken cooked in tomato sauce (passata, tinned tomatoes, onions, peppers, basil) 1/3 with 2/3 brocolli, cauliflower and carrots

G: 12st0lb
Thursday 13th Aug

Success Express

B: Fat free yoghurt with fruit

Snack: Pear

L: Small peice of salmon with salad and cherry tomatoes (2 thirds plate)
tsp salad cream (syns?)

D: Quorn sausages with carrot and turnip mash, brocolli and carrots. 1tsp margarine 1 syn
G: 12st0lb
Friday 14th August

Hmm, think my SE damage limitation after the weekend has meant things not TOO bad... weighed in this morning and have STS... so whatever i gained at weekend managed to loose again...
going to have another couple of days of SE and then back to red/green maybe

B: Banana, two plums

Snack- shape fuller for longer f/f yoghurt

L: Small peice of salmon with green salad and cherry tomatoes (2/3 plate)
tsp salad cream (syns?)
small bunch of grapes and a nectarine

D: Not really hungry... had a bowl of allbran with semi skimmed milk (hex a/hex B) with two chopped bananas

1 hardboiled egg
S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I might have to steel some of you SE days hun as im crap at trying to think of food ideas for these days!
G: 12st0lb
Ooooo i have been bit of a naughty girl updating my diary this week!!
mainly have stuck to extra easy but breakfast and/or lunch have been mostly free meals...
snacks free and hex B...

3lbs down though so thats something....

away on hols next week so think im going to try and do the same... stay free until dinner time when im not sure what ill be eating!

will update properly soon :)xx

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