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Brief summary - Did LL then CD from January to about May then started WW/SW and finally settled on WLR so have been back on food 5 months or so HOWEVER I still find my hands & feet are like iceblocks which they never were before this diet.

I'm cold like the ketosis-cold of VLCD but with food so I'm a bit confused. My colleagues have convinced me to get a checkup next Tuesday with my doc as they were a little worried about my heart/blood pressure etc. (I'm at work, the heating is on & I'm wearing 4 tops including a vest & trousers with tights & I'm still numb! I actually got out of bed last night to add a blanket so I have a winter duvet + 2 blankets & a dog to keep me warm at night & I wore fleece trousers & fleece socks with my pyjamas!)

Should I be worried? Did anyone else have this problem? Any ideas how I can boost my circulation?

Definately get checked out but it might be that your body hasnt adjusted to losing your fat stores yet and is over compensating by making you feel cold.
Let us know what the doc says. :)

Thanks for that article. I did a reply yesterday but my PC crashed & I lost it. I have never smoked but I did have hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) which was later diagnosed as the main reason I put all my weight on. Judging by Mini's article my stress/anxiety & "fasting" may well have tipped that into hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

Went to see locum this morning and she had no clue but said pulse, blood pressure & heartbeat all fine. Sometimes these things just happen. ALTHOUGH my hands were still warm this morning but my feet were like ice but since I've started on my 4ls of room-temp water today I've gained a 5th jumper & my hands & feet are icicles again so maybe my body can't cope at all with any kind of coolish liquid?

Had appt booked with my own GP on Tues am and this doc today said to keep that too & they would both discuss what could be before then...

To be continued...
Glad to hear your hands are not as cold today and I find it hard to take my shakes cold somedays and I have soup or I warm the tetras with hot water and have them that way.

Be sure to keep us informed as I would like to know more myself.

Love Mini xxx
Another update:

Docs this am again. Have got a blood test booked for Wed 15th @ 10.40 to check for anaemia & underactive thyroid. Pretty much ruled out Reynauds disease but may have to go back to that if the other two come back all clear. (Have noticed I'm fine until I eat/drink ANYTHING 'not hot' even fruit, cereal, sandwiches give me hands & feet like ice - Doc said it sounds like thyroid). Turns out my previous prob was hyperinsulinism, they never tested thyroid before.

Thanks Mini

Love xxx
Bad circulation is still intermittent. Does seem more obviously linked to eating/drinking so will need to see. My feet are FREEZING at the mo & I have both tights (60 den) & socks on!

Will know something for sure on Monday as my blood test results are back & my doc apptment is 08.40. Hurrah for some knowledge!
Ditto what D_Q said. All the best!

I must say that I didn't know coldness was a side effect of ketosis (although now I think of it, it does make sense). I have been feeling cold for quite a while now and just assumed it was because I no longer had 5 inches of insulating fat all over my body and so it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life (because I AM going to be skinny for the rest of my life - I AM!!!)

Thanks DQ & Tinley.

Yep - one side effect of ketosis is feeling cold. The body shuts down slightly while in ketosis to conserve energy & that's why some people feel cold or their hair stops growing (I DEFINITELY had both those during VLCD) but what I now have is a bit different. It's luckily not my whole body that feels cold just my nose, toes & fingers. Although with 7 inches less fat round my torso I might have felt the cold more this year anyway without Raynaud's!

Hope the tablets work! They're supposed to boost my circulation when I feel cold so I warm up again!
Love xxx
Glad you now know what the prob is hope the pills help.
Let us know how it goes.
This is the first year I have felt the cold,hubby does not need to nag at me to put coat on when I go out,it is bottened up to neck with scarf and gloves.
Have a good day
love libbie xx