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Claire fairy's new diary- looking to the future.

Hey everyone,

I have decided to start a new diary. Just got back from Corfu with a 7lb gain and now am ready to start afresh and really stop messing around.

While I was on holiday I was so embarrassed about my weight, I couldn't bring myself to put my swimming costume on. I wouldn't even roll my trousers up and I wouldn't lie on the sun loungers. I really felt like I ruined my holiday and my boyfriends too because I was so embarrassed about it. Its given me a kick up the bum I need I hope!

So food for today: Wednesday 27th October
Porridge (HEB+ 0.5)
Milk (HEA)


Pasta in sauce

Sausage (12 syn)
Mash potatoes
Carrots, sweetcorn and green beans
Onion gravy (2 syn)

Total syns: 14.5

Only having sausage tonight cuz unprepared will be back to low syn tomorrow!!

Claire xx
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Morning everyone,

MMM tea last night was lovely, just what we needed. I think we will be eating a lot more comfy warm meals from now on :eating:

Well plan for today

Scrambled egg
2 toast (HEB+2 syn)
Low fat spread (2)

Pasta in sauce
Grapes and muller light

Alpen bar- 3 syn

southern fried chicken fillet- 7 syns
Chips- 2 syn

Total syns-16

Have a great day all x
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Welcome back

Hey claire! Welcome home!
I felt so sad and sorry for you Reading that post about your holiday. I know exactly how you feel then it makes you wonder why we eat the food if it doesn't make us happy in the long run. I'm sure you didn't spoil your boyfriends holiday! I never go swimming on holiday as don't wanna walk past people in my costume and I love the pool. But hopefully next year we'll both be happy to parade out costumes :)

well done for getting back on track. I put on 5lbs after my cruise and trying to get back on track, I have a little girly weekend away this weekend so gonna be naughty but hoping to walk it off!

Looking forward to Reading your diaries again x
10lbs 8 weeks....

Hey harrysmum,

how was your cruise? Hope you had a lovely time :)

Well my sister made a visit this weekend with her partner so been off plan... again. But got lots off fruit and veg yesterday and OH and I planned meals to cook with what we have so from Monday no excuse back on plan 100% there will be just under 8 weeks till Christmas- how scary is that!! So I will be aiming for ten pound. I am going to add a new ticker on my signature!

So meals we have planned for the next couple of weeks are:

  • Sausage caserole
  • Shepherds pie with veg
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Chili
  • Paprika chicken
  • Chicken curry
  • Roast pork

If I lost ten pounds that would take me below the next stone bracket which would be good to start the new year with I think :)

I just need to get back to spending time on here and being motivated to cook nice things and be organised.

So 10lbs- 8 weeks here we go!! Start weight 16.9

Claire x

Right Day 1 of my 8 week challenge until Christmas!! ------------------------ This is the line being drawn under all the messing about.

2 toast (HEB+2 syn)
Low fat spread ( 2syn)
Ketchup (1 syn)
2 eggs scrambled

Chili ( 1 syn)
cous cous
Vanilla muller light

Snacks if needed: Banana and apple


I hope I can do this.

Claire xx
Hi Claire how are you? are you still on the diet? you havent posted in a few days? hope alls ok and your still on track?
i have started again i kept putting on i put on 7 pounds in 3 weeks so back on plan since yesterday and enjoying it again :)
its my bday this weekend though so need to try stick within my syns as much as i can cos want a good loss tuesday!!

hope alls ok? x
Hey lovely!!

Not quite back on track yet, but have decided to change my weigh day to a friday as weekends are where I tend to come off track, so by changing to a friday, if I do have a wobble at the weekend I will still have 5 days to pull it back and hopefully won't feel like giving up!

So Friday tomorrow- starting again.. again!

Happy Birthday for the weekend!! Hope you have a lovely time :)

Lets get back on track together. 10 lbs by xmas I am going for- thats about 7 weeks or just over.

Claire xx

Hey everyone!!

RIGHT!!- I have decided to start weighing on a friday from now on. So today is the first day of my new start. I haven't been in the right frame of mind since coming back on holiday to do it, but have myself a stern talking too last night and feeling positive this morning. I CAN DO THIS!!

I weighed this morning and 1.5 of the seven pounds I put on on holiday off :scale:

So I will be back on here everyday, and remember why I am doing this... for myself!! and for my boyfriend so he can have the lovely looking girlfriend that he deserves :)

So today looks like this:

2 ww toast (HEB)
Low fat spread (2 syn)

Wholegrain pasta in sauce
Roast chicken
Cherry tomatoes
Muller light and grapes

Snacks: Banana

Chicken and bacon pasta:
Peppers, onions, sweetcorn, sweetcorn and sugar snapped peas tinned tomatoes
Green chili
Roast chicken

Sprinkle cheese: (HEA)= 3 syn

Total syns: 5

I will update any changes later, but that is that plan!! I'm glad I have found my mojo, lets hope it stays!! :bunnydance:
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Aww well done claire! I'm glad your back on track! And well done for the loss!
I have been back on it since wednesaday really enjoying it again. Just hope I keep it up we should help eachother! I wanna lose 10 pounds by the 11th dec as have my parents ruby anniversary party I'm upset I haven't lost more for the photos :( felt like that for my bros wedding I was bridesmaid and wish I had lost more then so need to do it!!
Look forward to Reading your diaries I'm gonna start mine again x
Morning everyone!!

Just had a very tasty breakfast/lunch, used all of my syns but was well worth it!!

3 Chipolata sausages (7.5 syns)
2 slice toast (HEB)+(4 syn)
Low fat spread (2 syn)
Tomato ketchup (1 syn)


Roast pork
Slimming world chips
Sweetcorn/sugar snap peas

Total syns 14.5

May have to 'pinch' a few extra syns from the week as we are hoping to have a bottle of wine tonight with x-factor :)
Hey everyone,

Oh I give up at weekends! Had another off track weekend :( But this is why I have changed my weigh day till Friday, so I have 5 days to recover.

2 ww toast (HEB)
1 tbsp nutella (4 syn)


Left over vegetable risotto from last night (risotto, bacon, onion, pepper, courgette, tomatos, sweetcorn, sugar snap peas and chili!
1 Light babybel (part of HEA)

Muller light- (1 syn)

Mince and dumplings ( dumpling- 9 syns- oops, didn't realise they were so much :( )
Carrots, brussles and green beans
Gravy- (2 syn)

I was doing well until the dumplings :( I should have looked them up before having- I didn't realise they were that much!!

Total syns: 16
Hello everybody, anybody!!

White roll (HEB)
Tomato sauce (1 syn)

Left over risotto
Light babybel (1 syn)
Toffee muller light

Snack: Apple

Tomato bolognaise
Rice ( 1 syn)
Sprinkle cheese (HEA)

1 thorntons mini shortbread (3 syn)
1 teaspoon sugar (1 syn)

Highlight hot chocolate (1.5 syn)
Mcvities medley bar (7 syn)

Total syns: 15.5
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Hey claire, your diaries are sounding good! I've started again have done a diary today I got weighed last night and lost 2 1/2lb very pleased work is so quiet get bored and want to eat but fighting it so far :)

keep it up your doing well wen do u weigh in now? X
Hey hayley!

Do you have a link to you diary, would love to follow it! Congrats on the 2.5lbs thats fantastic. I am doing ok during the week, it's just the weekend where I struggle. Off to Newcastle this weekend so will be difficult to stay on plan. Will try my best though :)

Was feeling really de-motivated this morning and so fed up, but ok now, realised there is no point in letting it get me down, just got to keep going.

So food for today:

2 Weight watchers toast (HEB)
Low fat spread (2 syn)
2 eggs
Tomato ketchup (1 syn)

Pasta and mince
Grapes and pineapple
Muller light (1 syn)

1 mini thorntons shortbread (3 syn)

Sw chips
Tomato ketchup (2 syn)

Total syns:9
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Happy Thursday everybody!

Well I am off to Newcastle at the weekend so I know its going to be very difficult to stay on plan. I know we are going to our favourite chinese on Saturday after we see Ross Noble. I am looking forward to it as it's somewhere we used to go for a treat, but we moved away in March and haven't been since.

Anyway food for today:

White roll (HEB)
1 slice bacon
1 frylight egg
tomato ketchup (1 syn)

Snack: apple

Wholegrain pasta in sauce
Muller light (1 syn)

1 mini thorntons shortcake (3 syn)

Tomato mince with vegetables
Cheese+ (3 syn) (HEA)

Before bed time: Tea and medley bar (7 syn)

Total syns : 15
Monday 15th November

Shredded wheat and a little bit of alpen (HEB)
Milk (HEA)

Low fat supernoodles
Toffee muller light

Light alpen bar (3 syn)

Turkey stir fry
Turkey, sweetcorn, sugar snap peas, onion, peppers, courgette
Garlic and hoisin sauce- (9 syn)
Hi Claire how was your weekend in Newcastle? I fell off the diet wagon again at weekend find them so hard! Trying to get back on track again now. Well done for getting back on track today! X

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