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Claire's Diary... Wish me Luck!

Well... 5 weeks in and I've finally plucked up the courage to start a diary and am doing it on here as I know doing it in a public forum will mean I feel bad if I don't update (saying that I doubt there'll be a daily update). Everyone recommends a diary so much and says it is a forum for venting emotions both in relation to diet, work... life in general, so hear goes...

My name is Claire and I'm a serial dieter and closet binge eater. I'm 31 years old and have been overweight ever since leaving school getting worse when I got my current job mainly due to the stress and travel involved (I know the local service stations and their crisp/sweet selections very well).

The first five weeks on Lighter Life Total have been reasonably good, week one was definitely the worst but everything improved ten-fold after that. Weight loss hasn't been as rapid as I'd have liked but then overall 23lbs in 5 weeks is quite an achievement by anyone's standards (see how I'm trying to banish that crooked thinking), also 22cms down but long way to go yet.

Anyway, enough of me prattling on, wish me luck as it says in the title and I'll keep you posted

Claire, xx
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Ready For Change!
Nice to meet you Claire...
Good luck on your journey, 5 weeks in and 23lbs down... a job well done!


Well done on your weigh loss so far Claire and good luck on your journey!
Sexy xx
Well, the hayfever has finally struck. Have been getting through tissues at a rate of knots today and my nose is now all red and even more itchy if that's possible.

I think it's because of this that I've been eyeing up the Easter Eggs all day, especially the Rolos at my Mum's (leftover after she couldn't resist the temptation of the egg!). Don't even feel like going for my usual walk as I'm surrounded by fields - saying that I don't feel like doing any excercise at all, having enough trouble breathing. Think a trip to the dr for my annual antihistamine prescription is in order ahead of my induction at the gym tomorrow night, will let you know how I get on! xx
goodluck with ur gym tomorrow! and hope ur sniffles get better soon xxx
Ooh I do hate Mondays! 4 hours to go in work then off to the gym I trot (incredible - actually looking forward to it) for 7.00pm.

Hope everyone else is having a good day or do you all hate Mondays as much as me? xx
OMG, not sure why anyone would want to do that more than once! There's unfit, seriously unfit then me. There's also tired, knackered, exhausted then me!

Well enough of the grumbling... will be going back again later in the week and all this had better pay off on the weigh in next Monday night! Best of luck to anyone else venturing anywhere near the gym!! xx


Ready For Change!
Well done on choosing to do some exercise!!

I wouldnt over do it though hun, as I found it didnt make much difference to the scale!

It does make me feel better though!!!


is Magdalicious
Hi Claire! :)

Starting the gym can be terrifying but also very exciting!
And don't worry Hun, everyone has to start somewhere. You took the most important step and started!
Just take it slow. One day at a time. One session at a time. Soon you'll find your fitness levels will start going up and you'll start feeling better and better.
I once was a nearly 18st unfit young woman who couldn't even run for 30 secs on the treadmill.
I can easy do 5k now without stopping once.
Trust me if I can do it anyone can!

Impossible is nothing!

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Ready For Change!
Mags thats amazing!!!
Good day today! Quiet (or as quiet as it ever gets) day in work, no hunger pangs, 20 minute walk and now on litre 3 of water. Just resisting the urge now to jump on the scales for a nosey, do I dare?

Hope everyone else is having as good if not better day!


Tough But Sexy X
Dont do it, step onto the scales that is, it isnt worth it and cant set those crooked thoughts into motion. Put them out of sight and forget about them until after LL is finished, even then you might find that you dont want to step onto them as it might be all about the clothes. xx
dont step on the scales claire... its detaemental to ur mindl!!!! xx
Am having a bad day today. Stayed over in Liverpool last night and I have stuck religiously to my foodpacks but I am absolutely starving today! Have drank what feels like gallons of water with no abatement.

I'm figuring that it is probably to do with my TOTM starting yesterday so it's good to have a reason but unfortunately it doesn't help with the want to go to the local supermarket for my usual treat. Does anyone else suffer like this? x


Tough But Sexy X
Aw hunny, no sorry I havent suffered like that to be honest my TOTM is so horrendous all I want to do is sleep until it is finished. tay strong xx
Hope you feel better soon x
Feeling so sorry for myself today, still suffering from cramps and am knackered :-(

Still... It's Friday and fingers crossed the cramps will have passed by tonorrow

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