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Close call!!

OMG I nearly talked myself into ordering pizza!!!:eek:

I've had a successful weigh in and went to the gym and even though I am feeling really positive that little voice in my head started whispering! Shows that it's still to early to relax; that I have to be constantly vigilant!
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please try again
think being vigilant is something i will always have to be, that voice on my sholder makes way too much sense sometimes and can be rather persuasive in an argument, lol

well done on kicking that voice into touch tonight


hoping for a good loss
My nasty inner voice is always trying to get me to eat rubbish. The amount of times I go to the fridge and open it, or the cupboard, before realising what I am doing.

Bah to the bad voices in our heads
I'm the same tonight - I have had a box of chocs on top of the kitchen cupboard from the beginning of this diet and tonight the little voice is telling me to have just one - but I won't :) :) because remember that feeling hun !!!! xx


Silver Member
LOL, does this voice have a lot of p/t jobs? Because it speaks to me too!

The thing is, once we're slim, it's not eating a pizza that's the problem. It's remembering to have it only rarely, when out with friends, or for a birthday, etc.

But on CD, I think it would have made you feel miserable once you're out ketosis :(

Well done GG, you're stronger than the little voice!


Slowly but surely x
Dont ring for a Pizza, ring me! Ill describe a lovely shake to you instead!
Thanks all; writing it down and getting responses from you all helped me resist! :D I ended up doing a bit of cleaning and then going to bed early cos I was getting a thumping headache. Woke up this morning so glad I told the "gremlin" to feck off!

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