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C'mon Exantinites


reaching my goal
ive just logged on , im at war with myself just had to tell myself off i was nearly tempted to give in to temptation but had a black coffee instead x
Yeah I know, what a crappy substitute, but it does help. You still going strong Rose so well done. You know they say it gets easier, I beg to differ, I have it harder as the days and weeks have gone by.
i m taking a quick break from the ironing to have (another) glass of water, cant sit o/side cos all I can smell is bbq..... by the way, is sweating a lot a normal side effect and does it mean that I ll just be losing weight from water loss??
It's warm and there is a lot of water to get rid of, but the peeing should take care of that. I have not heard of anyone sweating because of the diet, just the opposite in fact, people tend to feel colder as they lose the weight.


reaching my goal
thanks mark ive been ok upto now but i know it will pass i cant let myself down ! annie c , im not sure about that . Im sure someone on here can help x


reaching my goal
just noticed your ticker mark have you lost another 4lbs this week ?


reaching my goal
.welldone mark the weight is droping off you .The black and white one is a mobile pic that i took of myself . Thank you x
i agree, Rose you look beautiful !
Hi guys

I have been inside all day as I can't stop wretching I feel sooo sick :'(
I'm really struggling to get anything down :( I just feel awful
If there were food in my flat I might give in :(
I honestly feel awful

Thats a bug Carly, this diet cannot do that to you, surely, although I am not expert at this. Hang in there, I do not know what to suggest.
I have been very very lucky, no sickness, no light headedness, no hunger, so I honestly do not know what you are going through, perhaps bad hangover feeling, now that I know about.
Aj now it comes out, Carly this is going to be a telling off, you have to stick to the diet, you cannot have 300 calories in a day and expect to feel good, I bet you have had hardly anything today as well. Drink your water and drink the shakes girl. Like you said it is your own fault.
Yeah I know Mark :(
I was feeling sick most of last week anyway and now I feel awful
am trying my hardest to get it down today
I know I was being stupid
Just a vain attempt to get this over with quicker as I have been feeling so so sick :(

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