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Coke Zero?

Hiya everyone, just a quick question.

Can you drink coke zero when your on exante total?? I've heard it mentioned about drinking it but wasn't sure as I'm just finishing LighterLife total and your not allowed to drink it.

Again thanks for your help xx Maxi xx
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Yes you are allowed coke zero, and dr pepper zero but not the other diet versions.
Thanks hur575 :D Is there a limit to how much you can drink? Obviously not going mad, but I mean 1 glass a day? xx Maxi xx


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Hi.. Does that mean i can't have a diet coke then ?


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Does asda diet coke not have citric acid in then? I'm just looking for a change to coke zero.


Laugh in the face of food
babystar31 said:
Nope hun it has malic acid, no citric acid so its perfectly fine :) I find coke zero a bit too sweetened and syrupy but the asda diet coke is yum! x
Me too that's why I was fancying something different, so this is great thanks!
Does anyone know about M&S diet cola? It only contains malic acid, but says it has apple and carrot extract and malted barley extract? Carbs are 0.5g per 500ml.

ETA - scrap that - I've just read it properly and it also contains citric acid.
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I picked up the wrong one at so have asda zero coke and asda cherry zero coke are they ok if they have Malic Acid in them?
I'd also like to know :) so the zero's should be alright, asda diet, soda water?

I wasn't too keen on the coke ideas as they can't be any good for u drinking them day in day out? x
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Personally I think water is the best stuff to drink.....you body doesn't have to do anything to it to process it.
Coke seems to be so addictive, so many people just cannot seem to live without it!

I agree but some times I just need a little pick me up and water just doesnt cut it for me lol :p But moderation is the key ;)



gunna be a fatty for ever
Basically check the ingredients so long as it's malic acid and there is no citric acid listed then it's fine

I must look a right loon in supermarkets! I check all the pop labels just incase theres one that we have missed!

I found morrisons cream soda and that has lactic acid in it. Is that ok?


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