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Hehe, I did that with my shoulder the other morning had to get Paul to check it was actually the bone I was feeling, Ive got shoulders woohooo.
Great isnt it.xx


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I am sooooo in love with my new-found collarbones :eek: lol
I've found that with the inside of my knees, I keep knocking them (I'm clumsy!) which now hurts because there's not any padding there any more!


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Ive noticed sitting on hard objects like a wooden seat or stone wall etc its uncomfortable - cos there isnt so much padding onthe bottom either..lol

Ive got hip bones - havent felt them for years....and something else I cant put on here, but its below the bikini line!!!


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I can now feel my ribs. Okay so it is only when i'm lying down, but it's a start. ;)


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sorry Abz had to laugh at that post lol. Its fab finding long lost bones!!
My collarbones have become visible :D

And I had an 'invisible bruise' on my right thigh from sleeping on that side when I went camping!
One of the few good things about being overweight, haha.
my collerbones havent appeared yet:sigh:
but hopefully will see them soon


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my boobs are shrinking which is a shame as not got much to start with... plus side though my butt is also decreasing so can't have everything!!
he he abz

carnt wait to see mine
ive lost a stone but to be honest theres no much difference in anything


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You girls are so funny lol

I cant wait to feel bones lol

O xx


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i was sitting on the sofa the other day taking photos of my collarbones on my phone... oh asked what on earth i was doing and i said i was taking photos of visible bones...

he thinks i'm obsessed lol

i've always had visible collarbones but they look even better now and i think they are quite sexy x