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colour of k stick shows only a TRACE, is this god or bad?


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colour of K stick shows only a TRACE, is this good or bad?
hiya, my Ketosis reading is TRACE 0.05 is this what it should be?? It was actually a toss up between the negative reading and the TRACE, I honestly think it was closer to the TRACE. I'm just into day 3. I have done CD COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY, drank the water and had 3 shakes a day, nothing else. I felt like HELL for most of yesterday and although I still have a fuzzy head and a bit of a headache, and... maybe a little sickly feeling too, I feel a lot better than yesterday. Could I be in ketosis? oh, TOTM for me too.

Does EVERYONE get the feeling of wellbeing when they are in Ketosis?? If I'm in ketosis at the moment I don't feel that great, maybe I won't get that get up and go feeling:eek:
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Hi Sophia,

I think it means that you're now sliding into ketosis and you will feel better when you get totally into it.

I'm sure a CDC will be along soon.:)


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Hi Sophia

I'm glad you asked this as I'm not sure either! First time I tested the colour was dark pinky-purple, today it is lighter but still definitely pink. I'm not sure which is better. I know I am in Ketosis but will be interested to hear if darker or lighter pink is best. I think I read somewhere on here that dark means I've not had enough water but it would be great to have a clear understanding of how Ketostix results work and what they mean!

I hope today is a better day for you than yesterday. I bet you will get that get up and go feeling!


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I have some dark pink / purples ... I was also wondering if this meant that even though its showing that Im dehydrated and need to drink more ... am I still in ketosis while in dehydration?
you need to aim for a light pink reading as this means you are drinking lots of water (and flushing away lots of fat). It isnt a real problem if you are mid pink but dark pink is a sure sign to drink more water. However some days you will drink the same amount as always but get a darker reading, sometimes it just works out that way.


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Best to test on a morning too as lots of water can affect the result.

Too dark a colour is bad as stated as it can mean you are dehydrated.


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I've deffo been having enough water, coping better with the fizzy water with the berry flavouring, easier to get down than the plain yukky water.

I still feel a bit yukky today but not as bad, brink on the 'GOOD FEELING'

Cheers guys...

Mocha, Ive yet to visit the LUSH website. I may take another trip into town to save on the Postage and Packing charge, although I dont know what this is I'm sure £1.90 for one hours parking is cheaper?? I will take a look at the site anyway, for ideas. I have taken your ideas on board too :)

Terrible taste in my mouth....arrrrggghhh must be the dreaded bad breath, I think you get this when you've not eaten for a few days anyway, whether in Ketosis or not. not nice either way :eek:


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Hi Sophia

I'm fairly sure their P&P is more than your parking charge. A trip to the shop would be good because then you can nosey at all the different stuff! I'm jealous, my nearest Lush is 2.5hrs drive away!

Mocha who lives out in the sticks!
Ok a dark reading means dehydration? mine are dark in the morning and are lighter purple throughout the day BUT i drink ATLEAST 4ltrs in a day so how can that be?


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Maybe dark after you've slept because everything is more concentrated in your urine? Paler later because of all the water you drink? I'm only guessing but I think that's why they used to advise pregnancy tests were done first thing, because the hormones are more concentrated in the urine, so I'm guessing it may be the same with ketones.

I hope someone will put me right if I'm talking a load of rubbish :)
I don't know hun but i've just done it again 2.30pm and its dark and i've already drunk 3 and a half ltrs so i'm baffled. maybe i'm drinking to much water.
Darker if you are dehydrated - ie first thing in the morning. Should be lighter as you go through the day and drink more fluids. Can be darker if you've just had a pack sometimes too.

Lighter is better - but if you are in ketosis you are in ketosis ... no degrees of being in it or not!

Feelings of ketosis can be colder, bad tast in mouth .... which should both get better and of course not feeling hungry.

As to feeling yukky - that feeling can take from 10days to 2weeks for your body to get use to the diet. After that you should be feeling better. If not probably not the diet - was just going to be a day when you didn't feel so good!

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