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Community Weight lose Challenge!


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Well done Jessica!

I think that is a great idea and will help greatly to keep you motivated from week to week.

Wishing you the best of luck with your Challenge!

Love Mini xxx


maintaining since June'09
What a great incentive!

Best of luck!


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I am so excited, thought I would share with you guys why!

On Monday I am starting a Edinburgh Community Weight Loss Challenge!!

Every Monday will get weighed and measured to keep me on the straight and narrow!!

Can't wait!
I get weighed with friends every week, we go to one house, (WW Leader) and we all weigh there, we are all on different diets and we have a laugh and hugs when someone is having a bad day. I was mightly please when I had the biggest loss this week on 3.5lbs but beat everyone else normally I'm the quiet one in the corner saying nothing after putting on a 1lb or losing .5lb. But it is a great incentive to keep going.

Have fun
Sounds great!! I am doing DC with my sister as buddy which is useful cause we can raise our eyebrows at each other when something suspect finds its way on to the plate lol
Just found out that the challenge is fat loss not weight loss, so the person to lose more body fat wins the £300!! Suppose it's so people don't just stop eating to drop the pounds quickly and loss the weight.


maintaining since June'09
Wow! Love the new signature Jessica :)

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