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oh dear... well i thought id have started my exante by now, but with pay day at work being held back a few days ive only just ordered!

i have my mum sneaking around on the cambridge diet.. shes been on it for a week now and has lost just under a stone.. its a killer watching her eat those peanut bars which i love, but cambridge is too expensive for me :(

to cut a long story short she laughed at me tonight, she said that none of these "silly online diets" work, and ill never get results like she will by her using the cambridge diet.

I REALLY want to prove her wrong so so much :(
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You definitely will. She will be laughing on the other side of her face soon. ;)


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welcome to exante. you will lose weight and you will be able to brag about the low cost ;)


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How rude!!!! Thats a shocking attitude from someone whos also on a VLCD. I bet shed object if someone dismissed CD as a fad diet

Why the hell would exante be less successful just cos its online. What a stupid way to think. Clearly shes totally ignorant about the diet. Sorry I think we get the last laugh, dont have to pay for someone to weigh us, save money, get it delievered straight to the door and we lose every bit as much as CD do

Id have been absolutely furious if someone said that to me


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i know, shes the one with a glass of wine in her hand... im sure, infact KNOW thats NOT ALLOWED!!!

I might be starving, but ive done day three 100%


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Hi IcyHot

You go girlfriend..... I have been on it for a week and lost 10lbs and feel finacially better off with it. Let your mum splash the cash with the cambridge diet label, exante is all of that. We are all behind you xx


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it feels great that i have support here! makes me feel so much better and stronger!
Im glad i found exante and minimins :)


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Mmmm CD has the same weightloss as exante!

You defo will prove her wrong, keep going.

And a no no to alcohol it's not worth it.