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Complete Holiday Photos

I had a couple requests if I had any more pics from our holiday, and as I cannot get motivated to do anything today except sit and feel sorry for myself, I decided to do something productive and put this together to send our mates who helped us.

So here are a couple links of my holiday album.....our groundbreaking adventure. There are a lot of photos - hope it doesnt bore you but shows really what we got in to.

These are ALL taken on our property, with the exception of the campground which is the flat, grassy area. All the others were taken from various spots near our building site, so you can see the views we are lucky enough to enjoy. (I still can't believe myself, that every morning, and every night - when I walk in or out my door I am going to look at that mountain! And the valley - how lucky is that!!

We have decided to name out house "Clouds", and you'll see why. I said if we named each building or feature along the way, like Cloud 1, Cloud 2, etc., if we do the foundation 9th, we can then say we live on Cloud 9.

Anyway - enjoy!

PART ONE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8Hgq20mM00

PART TWO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyIYa5HVRwg
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I Can Do This!
Awesome views. I love the mountains, but looks a bit dry - no water features?

Looks like you had fun - work hard, play hard. I guess a lockable garage is your start point?
Awesome views. I love the mountains, but looks a bit dry - no water features?

Looks like you had fun - work hard, play hard. I guess a lockable garage is your start point?
Oddly enough, it rains there just as much as it rains here. BUt it is high-desert, and geologically, this valley is a crater from a super volcano from billions of years ago - it is circled by volcanoes - the snow covered feature mountain I showed is Mt Shasta which is actually a live volcano. That is why the little pop up mountians look as they do. Anyway - as it is volcanic, the soil is very ashy, etc., so drains quite quickly. Things do not get very green, but it is very wet there.

We have to drill for a well.

Not sure what you meant by water feature, but there are loads of bodies of water surrounding us. We are 5 minutes from a massive river, The Klammoth River. There are also several lakes very close by. Its actually a very wet area - just does not look it as it never gets bright green. Elevation is very high as well - 4000 feet at some points. Our lan is 2600 feet above sea level. Where I live now, I am 100 feet above sea level! lol

gARAGE/WORKSHOP is indeed the first step. Goto to have a place for tools, etc., in order to build the rest. :)



I'm going to be slim
I really envy you with this project you are going to have the home that dreams are made of
The pictures are lovely do you have any idea when you'll have your home built it must be near impossible to plan the build from here
Hi RC - it is VERY difficult to plan from here! But thats the way it goes!

We come back here - OH works masses of OT to drum up some dollars, and then we go over and do what we can. That is our plan, up to the point we have a well drilled and a septic tank installed. Once those two things are in place, we can live there while we build.

Once we draw up plans, get an architect involved, get permits, etc., its about a 2-3 year plan, but hopefully we will be out there long before that time - we are hoping to be there within a year or so.

I can't wait. Spending that week there this time - well - it's home. I know that, without a doubt. That land is my home, and that is where I should be. I miss it so much already. But I know its there, and always will be.

Gotta go - time to clock on! :( :D

Thanks for sharing your experience with us - and Yousef (he'll always be Cat Stevens to me) - bonus xxx


I'm going to be slim
I think your OH is one in a million what a grafter
I'm looking forward to seeing your home grow
SB - I LUUUURVE Cat Stevens too- always have! He is one of my top favourites. I had such a crush on him when I was a teen!!! He was gorgeous, in the Morning Has Broken period. Glad you liked the pics. :)

RC - ya know, my OH, he is an absolute diamond, and I am very very lucky. He is one of the hardest working people I know, and he never, EVER, complains about it. He just gets up, day after day, and puts in 12 hour days, and never moans. He generally ever has only 1 day a week off, so he is working 72 hours a week. I whinge about my 37.5!!! lol

Seeing how hard he worked o the property on 2 previous trips without me, made me go all gushy for him. :D And then, watching him this last trip, carrying on every day until it was too dark, then first thing in the morning getting stuck in - again, never complaining and barely breaking - makes me fall in love with him all over again, as I know he is doing this not just for US, but for ME. he knows how desperate I am to get back to Cali, to enjoy a few more years with mom - so, he has my complete admiration.

All I can do to support him, is offer support at home - do extra laundry, and chores he normally would do. And do it without complaining. lol We are not allowed overtime at my work, ever, so I can not contribute financially, but I can try and make things nice for him at home. He deserves it - he is a REAL gem.

And how he has been with my sadness around Vincent - well - one day, he is going to think Christmas has come early. ;) :D :giggle:

Like all couples, we have our moments, but in the whole big p icture, I am a very lucky girl and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.


Aaaah - stop it. My eyes can't take any more. xxx:cry:


I Can Do This!
Ahh BL That's lovely. I hope you can make the move as soon as possible and have many happy years with your mum and enjoying your fantastic property with your OH. xx

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