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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Angelchops, 7 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. Angelchops

    Angelchops Full Member

    I saw my next door neighbour this morning, and she can be a bit blunt. She asked if i'd lost a bit of weight on my face. I said "Oh I think so, a bit" as I didn't want to go into details, and she replied "Well it makes you look old"!!!!

    Had to laugh - if I didn't i'd cry:doh:
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  3. Sussex Girl

    Sussex Girl Full Member

    lol, sorry but I did have to grin when I just read this. I bet you were a bit gobsmacked to say the least. Don't worry about the comment - she's probably jealous!!!

    well done on your weight loss to date. Can you imagine how old she'll think you look when you get to goal :D
  4. payn3477

    payn3477 Member

    She's only jealous....grumpy boots!
  5. Bobbin

    Bobbin Needs a flattering photo

    What a lovely neighbour you have!
  6. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    Some people seem to make a living out of being mean! How darn right rude of her!

    However, if I had a choice of looking older, but slim or looking younger, but fat....

    I know which I'd choose!
  7. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Why do people seem to think they can say anything they want...please or offend?
    Where are her manners?
    Most (decent) people, even if they thought such a thing, wouldn't actually say it.

    Sometimes, even a comment like that from family or a close friend can be hurtful but from your neighbour, who obviously isn't that close as she didn't even know you were dieting, is just plain rude!

  8. Busybee

    Busybee Silver Member

    WOW, I am so jealous that you have a lovely neighbour, mine just said I looked wonderful, even if I didn't the point being encouragment rather than slaps in face.
    Stick your nose in the air next time..big hugs to a slimmer you:)
  9. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Silver Member

    Well I think your neighbour is a CHEEKY COW.
  10. SharonJayne1970

    SharonJayne1970 Silver Member

    some people should learn to engage their brains before opening their gobs!!!!!
  11. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Some people are so rude tut she sounds extremely jealous a BIT of weight lol you've lost almost 100lbs you must look like a completely different woman you must be so proud of yourself WELL DONE!!!!
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  12. shrinking violet

    shrinking violet Full Member

    *how* rude is your neighbour ?!

    I'd ask her if the charm school gave her a refund :)

    I am sure you look fine, any piccies up? (sorry to be nosey LOL)
  13. Allan G

    Allan G Gold Member

    :D Yup thats people for you, everyone i know who has lost weight, looks younger, all i got when i lost mine was "Have you been ill"?? there is no telling what goes through peoples minds, cos they get used to you being a certain shape or size and i think deep down they are just jealous of all your hard work and effort :D
  14. devilishandsweet

    devilishandsweet 100% all the way!

    Yeh definitely jealously! x x
  15. cazmilligan

    cazmilligan Happiness in a shake!

    Cheeky cow, she is probally just jealous! Well done you for remaining calm, I would have hit her! x
  16. Angelchops

    Angelchops Full Member

    Im glad that other people think she was rude - I wondered if I was being a bit sensitive. She is old - well probably only about 70 ut you know how some people are older than their years? Does that excuse her?

    No photos - seriously I am NOT a good advert for this. Maybe when I finally get to goal I will be brave and post some up, but I am still a bit raw about how big I was to begin with. Why did no one tell me to do this sooner!
  17. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    *##~*!!! Cheeky cow, how rude!!!!

    I totally agree must be
  18. shrinking violet

    shrinking violet Full Member

    ...your ticker tells a different story, well done on your fantastic *huuuuuge* loss so far.

    I know what you mean about being shy with pics (I'm the same) and also wish I had done this diet way before now.

    Still, I say better late than never, eh?
  19. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Gold Member

    My neighbour once said to me

    Hi,how are you?Haven't seen you for ages!But I must just say,HOW Much weight have you put on!!

    NO you must not just say!!!
    Why can't people just think!
  20. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Does it matter how long it's taken you to do it hun the fact is you HAVE and you're doing wonderfully and whenever youre ready i know i for one cant wait to see how fabulous you look :)
  21. Mrs B

    Mrs B Silver Member

    She's jealous, don't worry about her. You're doing fantastically well.

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