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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Angelchops, 7 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. Angelchops

    Angelchops Well-Known Member

    I saw my next door neighbour this morning, and she can be a bit blunt. She asked if i'd lost a bit of weight on my face. I said "Oh I think so, a bit" as I didn't want to go into details, and she replied "Well it makes you look old"!!!!

    Had to laugh - if I didn't i'd cry:doh:
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  3. Sussex Girl

    Sussex Girl Well-Known Member

    lol, sorry but I did have to grin when I just read this. I bet you were a bit gobsmacked to say the least. Don't worry about the comment - she's probably jealous!!!

    well done on your weight loss to date. Can you imagine how old she'll think you look when you get to goal :D
  4. payn3477

    payn3477 Active Member

    She's only jealous....grumpy boots!
  5. Bobbin

    Bobbin Needs a flattering photo

    What a lovely neighbour you have!
  6. Deb G

    Deb G Well-Known Member

    Some people seem to make a living out of being mean! How darn right rude of her!

    However, if I had a choice of looking older, but slim or looking younger, but fat....

    I know which I'd choose!
  7. lentil2

    lentil2 Well-Known Member

    Why do people seem to think they can say anything they want...please or offend?
    Where are her manners?
    Most (decent) people, even if they thought such a thing, wouldn't actually say it.

    Sometimes, even a comment like that from family or a close friend can be hurtful but from your neighbour, who obviously isn't that close as she didn't even know you were dieting, is just plain rude!

  8. Busybee

    Busybee Well-Known Member

    WOW, I am so jealous that you have a lovely neighbour, mine just said I looked wonderful, even if I didn't the point being encouragment rather than slaps in face.
    Stick your nose in the air next time..big hugs to a slimmer you:)
  9. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Well-Known Member

    Well I think your neighbour is a CHEEKY COW.
  10. SharonJayne1970

    SharonJayne1970 Well-Known Member

    some people should learn to engage their brains before opening their gobs!!!!!
  11. ninababes

    ninababes Well-Known Member

    Some people are so rude tut she sounds extremely jealous a BIT of weight lol you've lost almost 100lbs you must look like a completely different woman you must be so proud of yourself WELL DONE!!!!
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  12. shrinking violet

    shrinking violet Well-Known Member

    *how* rude is your neighbour ?!

    I'd ask her if the charm school gave her a refund :)

    I am sure you look fine, any piccies up? (sorry to be nosey LOL)
  13. Allan G

    Allan G Well-Known Member

    :D Yup thats people for you, everyone i know who has lost weight, looks younger, all i got when i lost mine was "Have you been ill"?? there is no telling what goes through peoples minds, cos they get used to you being a certain shape or size and i think deep down they are just jealous of all your hard work and effort :D
  14. devilishandsweet

    devilishandsweet 100% all the way!

    Yeh definitely jealously! x x
  15. cazmilligan

    cazmilligan Happiness in a shake!

    Cheeky cow, she is probally just jealous! Well done you for remaining calm, I would have hit her! x
  16. Angelchops

    Angelchops Well-Known Member

    Im glad that other people think she was rude - I wondered if I was being a bit sensitive. She is old - well probably only about 70 ut you know how some people are older than their years? Does that excuse her?

    No photos - seriously I am NOT a good advert for this. Maybe when I finally get to goal I will be brave and post some up, but I am still a bit raw about how big I was to begin with. Why did no one tell me to do this sooner!
  17. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    *##~*!!! Cheeky cow, how rude!!!!

    I totally agree must be
  18. shrinking violet

    shrinking violet Well-Known Member

    ...your ticker tells a different story, well done on your fantastic *huuuuuge* loss so far.

    I know what you mean about being shy with pics (I'm the same) and also wish I had done this diet way before now.

    Still, I say better late than never, eh?
  19. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Well-Known Member

    My neighbour once said to me

    Hi,how are you?Haven't seen you for ages!But I must just say,HOW Much weight have you put on!!

    NO you must not just say!!!
    Why can't people just think!
  20. ninababes

    ninababes Well-Known Member

    Does it matter how long it's taken you to do it hun the fact is you HAVE and you're doing wonderfully and whenever youre ready i know i for one cant wait to see how fabulous you look :)
  21. Mrs B

    Mrs B Well-Known Member

    She's jealous, don't worry about her. You're doing fantastically well.

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