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Confessions of a Failing Dieter

HI guys, well i have been pigging out all week :party0051:and if i am totally honest not really been following for a good few months......

I texted my consultant and also mlm. and although i really really dont want to go tomrrow i am going. I have made the decision i will also stay for image therapy every week. I am going to try to get there ontime for the new joiner bit to sit through that one again.

I am gonna use the sw food diary as then i wont be estimating my syns. I will restart a weight loss diary instead with my feeling etc. Please feel free to comment kick up the bum watever!!!!

I am only hurting/kidding myself at the moment pretending to do it. If i dont do something about it i am gonna put it all back on. I was gonna wait till after xmas but NO will go tomorrow. start agian.

Am out tomorro night with work - so will get something sw friendly before i go - thinking some ready cooked prawns or some thing i can snack on free like!!! and a mugshot. Vodka lime and soda me thinks (then can alternate with slimline tonic without anyone thinking i am a wuss)

Out next monday being taken to pizza express - trawling through minimins for best syn option. and then one more weigh in till xmas

off xmas week as cant get to a class but NOT gonna use it as an excuse.

Got to get motivated or dr will put me back on bp tabs faster than you can say jumpin jack flash!!!!!!

thanks for reading, sorry for it being a bit long and rambling
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Good on you Ronnie, you only fail when you quit, so you are far from failing - and going back now will put you back in the frame of mind that will give you the focus for damage limitation over Christmas and new year!
If you can't find really low syn stuff for your meals out then do your syns weekly and cut back to 5 on the other days. Better that than flexisynning at this stage, I think - with you not having really been on plan then it wouldn't help.

You can text me whenever you need to - but you can do this, you have done it before and been successful- you just lost your way for a while - get your focus back and you'll be flying again. Staying to group is an excellent way to get that focus back, and it's proven to get better losses than weighing and not staying.

Cheerleading Squad ASSEMBLE!!!
Good luck xxx
You know you can do it Ronnie. You have the first qualification......... you want to do it.

Sending you positive vibes.

hugs xxxxxxx
thanks again by the way FAO a mod - can this be moved to weight loss diaries then i can use this? may even put food eaten in it - double writing once on sw and once on here?
hi hun i have also been piggin out the last few days so know exactly how u feel hopefully i am back on track today just need to keep in the right frame of mind. good luck on losing the lbs x
food plans for tomorrow
b - 2 weetabix, milk from allowance, banana
l - ainsley harriott couscous - half a pack lemon flavour 1.5 syns, tomato, onion, pepper, cucumber, chicken
d - mugshot, melon, shape zero, probably grab some cooked prawns

out for drinkies so got some melon for journey home fingers crossed
total syns for day
had 4 cadbury's roses - 10syns,
1 shortcake biscuit 2.5 syns
lunch 1.5
tea 1.5 (15.5)
estimating no more than 5 vodkas i hope so 20 syns

leaving me 69 for rest of week :)
Good luck Ronnie, we've all had wobbles and lets be honest, most of us are re-joiners, but for you to start before Christmas takes real baubles!! Hope all of the best for you x
thanks guys stuck to 5 vodkas (leeds is soooo expensive could not have afforded more lol)

Today's diary 17th December 2010​
bacon Cucumber
chicken tomatoes
red onion mince
potatoes mushrooms
banana cabbage
Free Foods
42g Reduced fat Cheddar

57g of any wholemeal bread (except pitta bread)

Healthy Extras
1/4 packet of cottage pie mix 1½
21g reduced chedder 3
Lemon, Mint & Parsley Couscous, excluding
oil & butter, dried
Medium Peri-Peri Sauce ½​
Total Syns 6
Hi, it's me, joining the cheerleading squad as ordered to by The Great One.

You can do it, Ronnie. And starting back before Christmas is so much better than starting in January: it means you're totally focussed for the most difficult slimming time of the whole year - AND you'll be a whole 2 weeks ahead of where you would have been if you didn't.

I'm sure we'll be seeing great results on here soon!


Now to maintain.....
you can do it ronnie! you will do it xxx
b - hex b hi fi bar
l - jacket, tuna, lf supernoodles cheese hex a
d - enchiladas - 2 syns for the sauce, 16 for the wraps (oops) and 6 for the cheese.

50 left for the week.

plan for tomorrow
b - yogurt, grapefruit
l - jacket with tuna,supernoodles and hex a of cheese
d - rost chicken, sw roast potatoes, and parsnips, cabbage, carrots and a yorksire - 4 syns

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