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I need to get my 'naughty' foods off my chest and confess!!!

I have had...

A great big sausage in a white bread roll and a banana dipped in dark chocolate for pudding! Damn those Christmas markets.

I think that's my leftover syns from yesterday and ALL todays used up...and possibly tomorrows too!!

Ah well....they were lush!

Confession over.

Hellie (who will probably not be losing this week!!!) x
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Haha i love how you felt the need to confess...

Banana in dark chocolate yum! xx


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Haha - at least the is fruit in could have been marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

I'm going to the Xmas market in Manchester on the 7th - I can't wait! x


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Banana dipped in chocolate!! How delish does that sound - don't give me ideas!

Me thinks marshmallow's aren't actually that many syns as it goes, but clearly, a banana is more the way foward...;)

We absolve you of your syns!!


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mmmm... sounds lovely. I'm off out to the xmas market tomorow, but i will need to resist as i have had 5 terrible days this week :eek::eek::eek::eek: . Looks like a gain for me.:mad::mad: Och well i wasn't in the right place lol x


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Well if I admit I ate it all, then it's not so bad see! If I hadn't it counts as secret eating, which is terrible, and dangerous, lol!!!

The banana was great. A portion of fruit (and could have easily been marshmallows, so I made the sensible choice, obviously!) AND...AND...I chose dark chocolate, which is way better than milk or white, clearly. So the pudding was actually a great option!

You'll love it Louise - get there early because it's very busy. And take a big bag of willpower with you! x


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We're going on the Sunday and staying over night in an appartment, am going with Marc and his family (Mum, Dad and sister), they go every year as a family I'll have to be on my best behaviour. Eek.



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How much do you reckon a sausage weighs? I have just looked in the book and a bratwurst (which is the sausage that committed the crime!) is 2.5 syns for 28g on a red day. The damage might (might) not be as bad as I thought!


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As for the chocolate Helli they do say that a square of dark chocolate a day is good for the heart. So bananas good for you, chocolate good for you. Bravo you made the right choice.
I'm doing 2 Christmas markets 1 on the 7th and in Rochester and 1 on the 8th in Winchester. It will probably be cold so I will need mulled wine to warm me up.