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Confused about free foods if they are not used as meals but snacks??

Hi there,

I'm pretty new as well (well, a re-joiner) and haven't heard this about potatoes but had about lasagne sheets so maybe its true...

I've relied on a few "SW Chip binges" in the past and still lost weight - I think as long as you are getting enough superspeedy foods you should be fine, although I'm sure someone might be able to advise you better...

Good luck with your weigh in.x

It's all about being sensible, if making a meal let's say baked fish ,sw chips, mushy peas ,salad. On extra easy you can have carbs with fish/met as long as your 1/3 plate is super free.

If later that night your peckish and go and make another batch of chips to snack on,that kinda defeats the object of trying to lose weight. Just because sw chips are classed as free on EE ,it doesn't mean you abuse the rule.
I shouldn't think eating sw chips every night would not help either.

So when you fancy chips,incorporate them into your evening meal. I have lost 1.5 stone nearly ,in 9 weeks. I've eaten sw chips for tea once ,twice a week,and I have quite a few.
But I wouldn't snack on them or sw crisps.
If you wanted to make the crisps for lunch ,have them with a large ham salad,crisps on the side.

Does that help? X
Free food is free food, tho on Ee you should try and have 1/3 of a plate of superfree. You can have as much free food as you like on whatever plan, even if it's a snack!

I personally like the roast chicken mug shots as they are super tasty and quite filling

Sw chips take ages to make but are soooo worth it!

Hope this helps
K xx
Sorry just to make it clear, potatoes are free on Ee and green but NOT free on original (red) days.....then they are counted as a hex and need weighing or using as a syn

Hope this makes sense x
Free food is free food, tho on Ee you should try and have 1/3 of a plate of superfree. You can have as much free food as you like on whatever plan, even if it's a snack!
K xx
Sorry but this is not true. SW HQ have clearly said that some free foods should be synned if they are being used as substitutes for snack foods:

Cous cous and polenta when used to make cakes or muffins
Lasagne and potatoes when used to make crisps or chips
Pasta and sauce when used in a SW quiche

Although these foods are technically syn free they still have calories, and when using them in snacks it is easy to overconsume and take in a lot of calories. So SW say you have to syn them to protect your losses. Think of it this way - would you eat two ir three baked potatoes in a sitting? Probably not, but it would be quite easy to eat that many potatoes in the form of chips.

That said, if it is an occasional thing and you are still losing then it should be okay to have them and not count then as syns
Just found this post and a bit confused! If I have SW chips with my evening meal on a green day I have to count them as syns? I only have a baking potato's worth of chips and if I wasn't eating chips I'd have a jacket potato anyway, which would be free. I understand that if having chips as a snack on EE they should be syned as snacks on EE should be free. Thanks to anyone who can clarify, doing SW online so no group to ask about this.
Having them as part of a meal is absolutely fine as you are eating other free and superfree foods which help to limit how many chips you have. It's only when you are snacking that you should really syn them.
craftylucyloo said:
I used to have chips as snacks all the time on green and I lost over 3 stone. Just follow the book. It has it all in there. ;)
I agree with you, it's fine if you're doing a green day, although I tend to eat fruit, yogurts, HEXs or syns for snacks as I can't be bothered to do pasta or chips!

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