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Had my 6th weigh-in and am little surprised as Ive only lost 1lb!!!!
This came as a real shock cause last week I weighed in and lost 8lbs.
With it being easter i think the chemist thinks i might have wandered off course, but i was really good and drank loads of water, to try and increase what i expected to be not as big a loss this week.
1lb is really disappointing though..
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after an 8 lb loss I would say 1 lb is pretty good , it averages at 4.5 lb a week for the 2 weeks which is amazing so dont be disappointed . It doesnt matter what your chemist thinks , you are doing really well and I guess you have a great loss next week :)


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Your weight loss is amazing, you have lost almost three stone in six weeks, given that the average weight loss a month for a man is one and half stone I would think your weight loss is well above average and it is not unusual to have a week where you stay the same or have low weight loss...

Next week you will probably have another good weight loss...but try not to get too caught up on the scales alone as body measurements are a very good indicator how you are doing as well and so many have found that on those weeks that the scales don't move or that you have a lower weight loss is the very week the inches seem to come off.

Well done and keep up the good work:happy096:
Cheers girls, you'll help me sleep a little easier tonight. Im still 100% motivated to continue and am thrilled with what Ive lost so far. I did have about 2 litres of water inside me this morning which probably didnt help me, think im just getting greedy now based on previous weeks.


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2 litres of water weighs approximately 4.4lbs.

The first week you lose mostly water and glycogen and in the following weeks you become a fat burning machine.

Everyone has their own unique way in which the weight comes off and after six weeks you will probably settle into a pattern.

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