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hi guys, i just stepped on the scales and it said i've put on 6lbs! 6 BLOODY LBS. Yesterday morning i was 24.4, which was my goal weight for the week so i thought great, i'll try to get down to 24st 0 by wednesday but it now says i'm 24.10. I don't understand at all, i've been sticking to the diet and drinking loads of water. Does anybody know why this might have happened?

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Hi sweetie.......don't feel bad......if you weighed yourself in the afternoon/evening after drinking copious amounts of water throughout the day you are bound to be a little heavier (have you ever lifted a 2 L bottle of water - wowsers! :))

I'm a bugger for weighing myself every morning, but i always do it in the morning, after a wee wee and butt nekked......if you are anything like the majority of us on these diets and do insist on weighing every day, try only to do it as the same time in the same conditions!!!

Don't worry at all! That excess you just saw on the scales is all water!

Oh and Congrats on hitting your goal weight for the week!!!! :D
Hi, although I should really practice what I preach, it really is best to weigh yourself only once a week at more or less the same time wearing similar clothes.

I am a bit obsessive about the scales and jump on and off them every time I see them. My weigh in is on a sunday morning but when I got on them on saturday it was showing a gain of 4lbs. I was really gutted. When I got on at my usual time on Sunday I had lost 1lb.

I was really upset on saturday and it could have caused me to go on a binge, but luckily it didn't.

Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure you will be fine. Well done on your loss so far. xxx
what the others said - weigh yourself in the morning, cos water adds to you weight, preferably in underwear as different clothes have different weights etc

good luck with the weight loss - don't beat yourself up if you put on weight, keep going, tommorow is a new day :D xx
like the others have said, depends on what time of day you weigh and also the week before a monthly you can put on up to 7lb of water, which disappears the following week, a lot of things can compromise what the scales say, so try not to worry about it, your doing great, and i bet you have lost inches, my scales told me that i had stayed the same this week, and i wanted to go to bed with a big bar of chocolate, but when i went to my official weigh in i had in fact lost 7lbs!!!
got weighed today, have lost 6lbs! Thanks for all the support everybody :) xx

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