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Consultation booked.


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I have my initial consultation booked for next wednesday all being well. Im guessing this will be where i get weighed, measured and my goals assessed etc. I cant wait tbh. But apparantly after this my weekly WI's will just be done with me popping into the pharmacy on a day of my choice. If this is the case id like to use Thurs mornings. We'll see though.
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hiya LLVirgin , yeah your first appointment with the chemist will be pretty much taking your weight ( not sure about measurements though as mine dont do this) and asking you to fill out a health questionaire, then the pharmacist will go through a few things with you and if happy with everything off you go! its quite straight forward really, after that.... when you go for your first weigh in and so on, you just pop in on your weigh in day , so thursday will prob be yours if thats what you prefer, they weigh you, ask how youve been getting on etc... tell you how much youve lost, give you your shakes and off you go till the next week lol... im not sure if all chemists do it like that though im just speaking of how it goes at mine lol.

good luck on weds and i hope all is ok that 2 stone will be off befor you know it :) x


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I kinda guessed this would be the format. Similiar to CD when i did that last year. Im not actually daunted with the lack of flavours either, the only ones i used on CD were the strawberry, choc and banana. Wil have to try all of em though to give myself some variety. Also is it strange for me to be looking forward to the peanut butter flapjack? Yum!

Best of luck with it all and try not to overeat in the next few days in anticipation of no food. Its only extra weight you will have to loose after. Just eat as normal. dont have anything Wed morning to eat or drink except water or black tea or coffee if you intend starting that day. I had my breakfast before I went in on the first day so that blew that day. I had to wait til day after to start - dont know what I was thinking to eat breakfast first but!!!

Anyway chemist just weighed me and did questionnaire as said above. I had no measurements taken. Ya its just back once a week after that. My chemist only does lipotrim apts on wed and sat. So I chose Wed and am off for weigh in no 2 this wed. Its a brilliant diet. First week one or two days can be a bit tough. For me it was day 3 and day 4 - once i was over that hump I honestly was fine. At my first weigh in I lost 10 lbs so believe me there is motivation in that.

The best tip i can give you is keep visiting this site - it is not only a godsend it is a lifeline to sanity when the going gets a bit tough. Everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Best of luck with your Lipotrim journey and welcome on board.


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Dont worry i wont be overeating before i start. Been there done that, had the hellish headache. I actually have some CD packs left over which im tempted to use 2 days before i start to get me into the swing again. Will be cutting carbs from today as well, trying to make the transition smoother.
good for you

Best of luck


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Im hoping i wont need luck, my heads in the right place for this type of diet, never has been before. Should i need some though ill be on here chowing everyones lugs off.


Here we go again!
You wont need luck, it sounds as though you are ready to start and will be fine on this. Good luck!
As they've said before - you won't need luck - just determination! Just to warn you the flapjacks taste like cardboard - enjoy!

But it works - just look at everyone's fantastic results on here - keep us posted! x

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