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Contraceptive Injection


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Hi All
Went to docs the other day regarding very irregular periods. We haven't used contreception since having our son 10 years ago & have relied on not doing 'it' in the middle of my cycle & that has worked for us. As my periods have become very irregular, one week on one week off, since doing CD it has all become quite worrying!Doc suggested the injection as it would reuce my periods or maybe even stop them plus would take care of the contraception side of things. Does anyone have any advice on this?
Does it help with irregular periods?
Will it effect weight loss?
Any help/advice apreciated!!!
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I was on the injections before I had my little boy , they did stop my periods, but I wasnt on cd then. Im on the pill now and that also stopped my periods ( didnt have one for 3yrs) but 3wks in to cd I have started bleeding , just lightly its been for 8days so far and still happening, sorry I cant help with your question but thought I would give you my own story.lol.


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hey hon. i used to have the injection. be advised though that in some people it makes your periods more frequent. it stopped mine completely. because it's such a large amount of hormone at once though be prepared for crying. all the people i know that have had it ended up crying for no reason. me for the first three days after i had it every time. i would just burst into tears, ha. of course i could just have strange friends...

i now have the implant which works much better for me. it lasts three years so i don't have to keep going to the doctor's and it releases the hormones into my body at a regular rate all the time so no sudden hormone shifts. and my periods stopped completely, until i started this diet when they've come back a bit but that should straighten itself out.

hope that helps hon.

abz xx
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hey hun, i have the implant which is the same as the injection, but with the injection it lasts for 3 months no matter what! with the implant if you have it in you can have it taken out right away if you dont like the affects!

i blead every 2 weeks or so even with the inplant, only now nearly a year later are my periods getting regular!

theres also the coil, which can stop bleading too, my mum had it for that reason and she hasnt had a period since the second month of her having it in (over a year ago) ..

and then theres the pill, that will make you regular too!

hope ive helped.. good luck with what ever you decide :)


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Hi hun last time i was on the injection and on cd i had no periods, i was on the injection for five years amd never once had a period


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Hi when I was on the injection my periods stopped completely- which in a way was nice not to have to worry about them, and in the summer was fab, but I did start to feel a bit childlike and unwomanly, and also would worry I could be pregnant as there is a small percentage of failure rate (2%) and for me I wouldn't know due to having no periods...

So I went onto the combined pill which controls my periods and now I know exactly the day its coming and the day by which it will have stopped. Usually lasts around 5 or 6 days from start to finish and I am quite happy with that, so have stuck with it for the last 3 years.

I did also find weight gain on the injection was an issue for me. Not sure why but it did seem to be the time when I was on the injection when I put on all the weight!



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I've had the injection for the last 7 yrs, without any periods, its been brill!!!!
however since starting cd, i have been on totm for weeks now! which will hopefully settle down soon....
I have the injection and have done for tha last 4 years. I've never had a period while on it and was very irregular before. I find it great and makes no difference to weight loss. I also dont get any pmt or similar think of all the money you save on sanitary wear!!!!
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Im on the inejection and had no period until i started my exante diet and now iv been having spotting! I think its any change in diet that changes it!!


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I'm on the injection and had no periods, now that I'm on CD I'm spotting everyday, plus the injection has caused me to have weight gain so I will be going back on the pill once I come to the end of this injection cycle to help with the weight loss

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