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Cooking Bacon Sandwiches!

My husband and his mate are out putting side steps on the car for me! Its a rangerover and I struggle getting my daughter in and out her car seat as I'm only 5 ft tall.

So anyway, I am making bacon sarnies for them and I just thought I would post on here by way of a deterrent.

I hereby PROMISE not to eat even the smallest piece of bacon because I KNOW where it will lead!

I will check in later and confess all either way!

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I did it!!


I fed them, and then straight away the dog got the leftovers, before they went back out to the car. I would only have eaten them when they couldn't see me, so I thought it best!

Its a relief hee hee.

i made bacon sarnies for my bf today and not a smidgen passed my lips either xxxxxxx
wasnt too bad ive been on cd before so knew what to expect when it comes to preparing food made me quite queasy actually
I wish it made me queasy! Oh no I really really wanted to eat em all!!!!

although I'm quite sure if I had eaten them all I would have been queasy then!



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I can imagine how bad it was for you Mags. Everyone here (cept me of course) had bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast before and I sat there in the other room drinking water :)

lol, I can feel my rebellious child coming out....

its just not fair!

but it is in a good cause!

Well done,I refuse to cook, point blank, bacon sarnies, in fact my 13 yr old has become a dab hand at making them for him and has dad. It's the one thing I cant do. As I'm sitting here now I can smell the roast cooking and I'm ok with that,but bacon sarnies No Way!!
When i'm being good - I can do the whole cooking thing, no worries .... but then all of a sudden my CB will have me eating a mouthful and then I'm on the slippery slope.

Today I did bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and fried bread for my son and daughter and didn't bat an eyelid - other times I would have been really naughty!


Must try harder!!
I made bacon sandwiches yesterday for my sister as a birthday treat. I sat on the end of her bed and sipped a toffee and walnut cambridge shake...
Im sooo proud of me!!
and well done and big huge amounts of proudness to all of us who have cooked for others and not nibbled once!


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