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Cooking question

Hello everyone!

I am new here and want to apologize in advance if this issue has been discussed many times before, and my "search forum" skills suck!

My question is regarding cooking, as I am struggling with things sticking to the frying pan. I am greasing my pan with one of those canola oil sprayers when I cook my oat bran pancake, but it continues to stick even though I have a good film on the base of my nonstick pan! Is there any trick to prevent the pancake from sticking?

Also, I understand that we are supposed to completely avoid oil, but how much is considered acceptable in "real life" once I enter the Cruise phase (I am currently starting day three of five of the Attack phase and down 2.2 pounds!)? For example, I adore roasted veggies but they need to be tossed in a small amount of olive oil before they are popped in the oven. My logic is that a couple of Dr. Dukan's dressings from the book, such as the basic vinaigrettes for salads, include a teaspoon of oil so I can permit myself a small amount when preparing my veggies. Is this okay?

Thanks so much :)
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i find cooking galettes long and low heat works
i just have a spray of fry light wiped of after and mine are fine as for roast veg and oil in my opinion going by the old book no to the teaspoon of oil , use soy sauce ect
I use frylight if required to stop things sticking. I use it for my galettes, roasted veg and stir fry. Haven't had any adverse affects and have reached my true weight. I'm not advocating it's use but it worked for me


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The original French book has no oil. If your galette is sticking, chances are that you are fiddling with it too soon. Fry lite works well for roasted veg.
If your galette is sticking, and you are sure the pan is good, in may be that you are pouring in the batter before the pan is hot enough.

Even non stick pans have microscopic holes and scratches on the surface.

When you pour the damp batter onto the hot surface an instant tiny layer of steam forms between the galette and the pan, preventing the egg filling those scratches and sticking.... (this is the source of that lovely hiss as you pour).

So try putting the pan on the heat before you start mixing your galette, (I put it on full) and check that it is warm before you pour (hold your hand flat a few inches away from the surface to feel heat radiating of the pan), pour, then turn the heat down a few notches to let the galette the cook.

The same technique works with omelettes and scarmbled eggs.


Not very good at this!
In the latest official chat from last night a couple of people ask about fry light and are told no. I use it on my roasted veg though :-(
Microwave the gallete in a silicon mould ( and add a little baking powder). I went out and brought a new frying pan, and still it didn't work for me. So now, it goes into the microwave for 3 mins - hey presto its done!
As for the oil - use fry light.


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