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cool pedometer


a new way of living!
Hi everyone,

well i bought a pedomater off ebay a few days ago, and went out for a walk with the dog today, and cause it was counting, i wanted to do as much as poss!

well my clever little gadget (omron hj-720ITC) also counts calories and grams of fat burned! very cool.

normally i would ignore the fat thing as its making the assumtion that it is fat burned, however on this diet - it is fat!

ok, so i did (drum roll...)

21,255 steps....

18,801 of them were 'aerobic' (more than 60 steps per minute)

554.4 calories

its assuming half my calories used were fat and said i have used 37.0g of fat :D:D

however, as most of it would prob be fat calories... and there are 9cals per 1g of fat, i make it 61.5 g of fat :D:D:D:D

apparantly i have walked just over 7 miles!!!!

no wonder i cant move now, cant work out if the dog loves me or hates me now, lol.

I love omron!
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Wow! you're in negative equity in the calorie stakes there alright:clap:
Did you have to do all that measuring of your step length etc? I've got one, but can't programme step length in. Will ask OH to do it at weekend.


a new way of living!
yeah i had to walk ten paces, measure it, divide by ten and put that figure in. i'm only short so my stride is not very big.

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