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So a diary on here, what a good idea! I am 2 weeks in to my cal counting and 9lbs down on weight already. I have a very fixed idea of what I want to achieve; going on holiday in October and want/need/expect to be 3 stone lighter. I have joined a gym to swim daily and am walking the dog for half an hour everyday. I have also joined this website - a tool that is really helping already. Just now I was thinking about lunch and then I thought, No I will go on Mini's site for a bit and leave lunch till a bit later! Progress!
Thanks DQ, isn't it amazing how a pat on the back makes a difference.
I have just been swimming and did 16 lengths!!!!!!!!! So chuffed, when I started 2 weeks ago I could just do 8 and already I have doubled that. This should really help shift the weight. A good weekend too, no pigging out, just shows it can be done! This website and the encoyragement from people on it is really making a difference. I feel unstoppable!

A good day yesterday; 16 lengths swimming, eldest son got a job, all going well. Eldest daughter came home had been in car accident, she's ok, cars not great.Youngest son came home and had quit his job! Did I say a good day?:eek:
Good morning Barb!
Just wanted to say keep up the good work, you will be slim in no time at all!
You can do this!
Have a wonderfull day
Tracey x :)
Hi Tracey
it's been harrassment all the way today - then I went for my swim, 20 lengths, now I feel much better. My chatterbox really tried to get me off the straight and narrow but I am not budging. Thanks for the good wishes, I really needed them today. Love
Nearly 3 weeks and I feel I am in a good place. I am not sure that I have lost much this week, actually got on the scales yesterday and had put back the one lb I had lost this week. Well I will see on Sunday. Either wasy i am not going to panic. I feel stronger, fitter and happier and this regime is going to work because I am doing all the right things. I am now swimming every week day and am now up to 20 lengths which is 400metres!! I am going to do this.
So 3 weeks done and this week I weigh exactly what I did last week! Not pleased! Still, tempting as it is is to listen to my chatterbox and launch into a packet of custard creams - I won't. I reckon that this is a blip, I know i have stuck to all the rules this week so there is no good reason why it hasn't worked. So next week I should see a good loss. If I don't I am off to the doctor. I do have an under active thyroid and that is the only thing that could be mucking up my results. We'll see, got to keep going, want this weight loss sooooooooo bad!
Good morning Barb,

When you start exercising like the way you are doing I have found that I did not lose for a while as my body was turning it into muscle.

Some say you can't gain muscle on such a low diet but I would argue with that (I would:eek: )

Don't let the scales rule your head...

You have gone from swimming 8 lengths of the pool to 20 that is mega improvement in your fitness level.

Swimming is the one exercise that quickly improves the condition of your lungs and is very gentle on your joints.

You have got through a week of up's and down's and you have stuck with your diet...Not only are you building muscle with your body but your will power as well...

Well done you, you are an inspiration...for it is so easy to slip when sh!t happens and use it as an excuse to go back to the old emotional eating thing.

You will be rewarded...inch wise and even if you don't come down much this week, you will get a drop and sometimes it can appear on the scales, like out of nowhere or so it seems but you will know all the hard work that went into getting that few lbs. off.:)

Love Mini xxx
Thank you MINI ! I so needed that, I have been tearful all morning, I am so down. It's not that I am any less determined but I just feel an emotional wreck. I seem to have spent all week saying'no' to things without the joy of a loss. I am sure you are right about the muscle thing, I really mustn't give in to feeling sorry for myself. But I just can't seem to help it. I washed a favourite T shirt today and had soaked it too long in vanish and it has stripped some of the colour and ruined it. It feels like the end of the world. Am I going mad?
Different today

Well, yesterday was a bad day!:( Couldn't lift my spirits at all. Was still good on the calorie front but just felt grim. Today I woke up still feeling down but had a busy morning,then went swimming. 22 lengths later I felt a lot better and realised that a tshirt I was wearing was really loose, quite different ot how it had been 3 weeks ago. So maybe I am changing shape this week even if the scales are being stubborn!:D
Barb - on any vlcd, I think you can have good days and very low days - I know I certainly did! Without the protective drowning of your emotions in food or booze, life can seem rather trying at times! However, you are doing BRILLL! And you haven't caved in - so well done, you!!!
Plus, your weight can stick sometimes, but you are usually losing inches as well/instead - so measure yourself to see how skinny you're getting!
My theory on all this is that if you actually rate each day out of 10 then the good and passable days very much outweigh the bad ones.

So the key to all this is to get through the bad ones anyway you can in the knowledge that the overwhelming evidence is that either a good or passable one will follow. :)

A little simplified but all there in essence ;)
Thanks Isobel and Coam, I know you are both right. It's not easy though is it? Sometimes my chatterbox is so loud that I wonder if anyone else can hear her! I think this mood thing is the worst; I know that if I stick at it I will lose the weight but 74lbs seems such a lot. Then I see what some people on this site have already lost and they are still going and I feel cross with myself for being such a whinger. I am going to do this, just like everyone else on minimins and we are ALL going to be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Love
Baby steps, hun - break it down into more manageable chunks then it will be easier to get through if you look ahead 3lbs at a time and celebrate each 1/2 stone and 1 stone marker with a little, pampering treat like a new lippy or something.

You're not being a whinger - this is HARD so it really helps to articulate your emotions! When things were rough for me on SS, I was online ALL DAY! It got me through it!


Hi Barb!
Just checking in with you! Nice to see your fighting off that nasty chatterbox! They really can be a pain in the backside cant they! LOL.
Just think you are on the path to becoming the slim and healthy person you want to be! Just keep taking it one day at a time and before long those little days add up to a few months and several stone lost!
You are doing great!
Keep on going!
Thanks Isobel and Tracey - you are soooooo right, posting on here and getting encouragement really helps. I now find that instead of thinking about food I am thinking about gettinmg on here for a quick post! Hows that for improvement. Hope you two are having a good day, I am off swimming later so will reprot in how many lengths later.

Big hugs XX
Been swimming this morning - 26 lengths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel pleased but scales not moving! I have stayed the same now for 9 days! Don't know how long I can do this if the weight isn't shifting. I know I am fitter, i can feel that I am changing but those magic numbers mean everything. Any ideas out there?